60 Minutes Bitcoin Segment

There have been many rumors this week about the possibility of a Bitcoin segment airing on 60 Minutes. Now, we finally have confirmation from the official 60 Minutes Twitter account that a Bitcoin segment will air this Sunday on CBS.

60 Minutes is the most popular news-magazine on television and regularly seeks to create stories on relevant issues. Airing weekly on Sunday afternoons (Eastern Standard Time), the show will usually cover 3-4 topics within the hour.

Here is what we know about the upcoming Bitcoin segment:

The mystery of Bitcoin’s Inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto will be discussed and cryptocurrency OG’s like Charlie Shrem and Laszlo Hanyecs will be interviewed. It is likely that Shrem will be asked about his work during the early years of Bitcoin and that Hanyecs will be asked if he regrets buying Pizza with Bitcoin (now worth 800million). It is possible that other well-known people in the crypto space are interviewed during the segment as well but there is only limited information about the segment at this time.

It is not clear based on the information released thus far if this segment will present a biased argument about Bitcoin being good or bad. Ideally, the story will take an innovation-minded approach while discussing Bitcoin in front of their viewership, an approach they did not take when they aired a Bitcoin segment in 2012.

According to tvseriesfinale.com, 60 Minutes has recently seen anywhere from 7-14.5 million viewers per episode. If viewership numbers stay in this range, Bitcoin will get a lot of exposure. Hopefully, this segment will inspire those who are on the sidelines and those who have never heard of Bitcoin to get involved with the revolutionary technology.

The segment will be presented by Anderson Cooper and shown on CBS. 60 Minutes begins at 7:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.


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