The Ultimate Crypto Tools Pack – Part 3

This is the third part of this article. Here is the second part.

Let’s discover other crypto tools that you should be aware of.

1) DexScreener

Crypto traders spend hours on DexScreener searching for the next 100x trade. Dexscreener allows you to see trades 5 minutes after launch and customize other features. You can customize it to show projects based on their market cap and trading volume.

Also, you can use one of the most famous crypto tools Dexscreener to analyze and make the most of every chain. To see the next 100x, set your timer to show you projects created 5 Minutes ago and set it to Solana, Base, or any chain.

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2) Arkham

Arkham is a blockchain analysis and data-tracking platform. It provides market analysis, transaction data, and project reviews. Arkham is a transparent platform. Data that is available only to analysts is now available to everyone for research.

It uses A.I. to give clear insights and classify Onchain data for easy use. Arkham allows users to analyze token pages, giving them insights into token performance. Arkham has a marketplace where you can buy and sell digital assets.

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3) DeBank

DeBank is a DeFi platform for tracking and managing activities across many blockchains. DeBank supports major blockchains like Ethereum, BNB, Avalanche, and Arbitrum. You can view your digital assets in one dashboard. You can also use DeBank to get data and analytics for DeFi lending and borrowing protocols.

Also, you can access stablecoin information, marginal trading platforms, and DEXs on DeBank. That’s not all. Let’s put these into categories. 

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4) Chainzoom

It’s the first Degen layer on Twitter(X). With Chainzoom, you can unveil on-chain features and take trades on Twitter(X). Chainzoom is a particular layer for Degen traders built on Twitter. You can get on-chain data on Twitter using Chainzoom.

You also get to trade on Twitter without the use of telegram bots. Everything happens on Twitter, including research.

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5) DexCheck AI 

DexChecker AI analyzes blockchain data and the crypto market for traders. It simplifies the trading experience with its features. It offers detailed analytics and insights for trading utilizing AI.

The functions and tools for traders in DexCheck AI are easy to navigate. DexCheck AI interacts with many blockchains, and you can take advantage of that by exploring defi protocols. 

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6) Candlestick

You must understand how candlesticks work to predict a bullish or bearish market. Candlestick helps in predicting potential market conditions. It allows traders to analyze the market and make good trades. It also has a copy trading feature. Candlestick also provides information about top win rates, profitable traders, etc. 

Want a better understanding of the crypto market? Then, use the Candlestick platform.

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7) Metadapp

Metadapp is a trading and analytics platform designed for on-chain and degen traders. Metadapp has tools for analyzing and spotting opportunities for advanced traders. You can get new trades and set alerts on Metadapp.

It also has a watchlist allowing you to track, watch, and access the market conditions. Metadapp functions with AI and machine learning to give insights into market trends. 

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8) Zapper

Zapper makes the Onchain world a lot more accessible with its incredible features. With Zapper, you can track your DeFi and NFT portfolio. You can also get insights into Onchain activities and top performers. You can copy any wallet address and paste it on Zapper to view the user activities.

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9) LunarCrush

LunarCrush is a social intelligence platform. It helps check how social media impacts the market. LunarCrush gives you an edge; you get market insights and trending assets before others. You will get access to all the data you need about a token using social metrics.

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10) Moni

Moni is a platform for alpha hunters. With Moni, you get early information using social analytics and AI. It gives you the correct information at the right time, and that’s the best way to make the most of crypto space.

Moni has Telegram and Discord, which help track and analyze web3 projects early. You can also use Moni to track your crypto portfolio. Moni also offers business loans to the community and has Moni wizards NFT.

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11) Santiment

Santiment is another useful social intelligence platform. It gives you social metrics and on-chain information of over 2500 cryptocurrencies. Santiment offers Sanbase Studio, a tool for on-chain and social information against price.

You can set up price alerts with it. It also updates you on social trends. One way to stay at the top is by studying social metrics and how they affect the market.

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12) Crypto Atlas

Crypto Atlas is an NFT marketplace providing insight into promising crypto projects. Crypto Atlas features project reviews, founder stories, and market updates. It also has articles and videos about different crypto projects and market trends.

These articles and videos will help improve your knowledge of specific projects. With Crypto Atlas, you can buy in-game assets. 

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13) NFTGo

NFTGo is an NFT data analytics tool that provides features for discovering, analyzing, and trading NFTs. NFTGo offers insights into NFT market trends. 

This is one of the crypto tools where you can access many features. It goes beyond being an NFT marketplace. You can trade NFTs in PFPs, Art, Metaverse, Gaming, AI, and DePIN here.

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With these crypto tools, you are on your way to exploring top-performing tokens and making life-changing money.


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