This Bitcoin Layer 2 Ecosystem is About To Explode

Layer 1 chains have taken a beating in this market. Especially if their names aren’t Bitcoin or Solana. In the last 30 days alone, Cardano is down 31%, Avalanche is down 39%, Aptos is down 50% and Cosmos is down 32%.

But the best Layer 1 chains are still building. On their chain and in their ecosystem. Today, we look at a new ecosystem we haven’t covered yet. And it’s Tectum with its growing ecosystem of decentralized projects. Let’s check them out.

Reintroduce Tectum

We’ve talked about Tectum a few times here. Their signature product is the Softnote. It works like a Bitcoin Layer 2 because you can transact without waiting for confirmation in 10-minute blocks. Because Softnotes come in specific denominations, they work like paper money. Paper money with pin codes that you can access, pay, and make changes.

Our focus is on this more than anything else. Both because Softnote is a great product and it gives support and payment structure for Bitcoin. But that’s not all that Tectum does. They have their blockchain and their $TET token.

Their blockchain design allows it to be light and fast. They recently did a speed test where they could process 3.5 million transactions per second (TPS). That’s 400x faster than Visa and Mastercard combined. 

Amazing! And all on-chain. Many Bitcoiners and altcoins are hoping Softnotes and the Tectum blockchain can fulfill micropayment needs better than Lightning Network has so far. Lightning is a great project, too. But a work in progress. So it makes sense that building out all this great tech on-chain means an ecosystem buildout is coming, too.

And it’s already started. What is your favorite Bitcoin Layer 2 right now? Let us know in the comments below.

What is Three Protocol?

Three Protocol is the first Tectum incubator project for its ecosystem. Its main goal is decentralized marketplaces and enabling the unbanked to access services and products. The first site is Jobs3. Think of this as a decentralized version of Upwork or Fiverr. A platform that removes geographical boundaries and offers opportunities to people no matter where they are. 

The decentralized nature of the project means anyone from anywhere can be employed and earn a salary. After all, if you want to work with a graphic designer in Venezuela, why should the bad relations between their politicians and yours stop you? It shouldn’t. You know it and so do we.

They’re delivering a form of decentralized ID through their Zero-Knowledge Proof pseudo-anonymization integration. This ZKP system means users can create an on-chain profile that can accumulate reviews and other information, without having to share their transaction history. Unlike other platforms with wallet-based signups. This is a significant step forward for privacy-conscious users.

Jobs3 is the first marketplace Three Protocol will offer. But others are on the way including a Three Protocol decentralized version of Uber, eBay, AutoTrader, Uber Eats, Doordash, Deliveroo, or Grab. The team has some pretty lofty goals. All of these marketplaces will run on Tectum’s blockchain and use their soon-to-be-issued $THREE token to power it all.

The tokenomics are favorable too. Only 15% for the Team, 10% for stake, and 75% dedicated to market liquidity and fair launching.  We LOVE seeing numbers like this where the little guy has a chance to accumulate at a fair price instead of VC insiders locking up everything.

Three Protocol Roadmap

As I just said, the Three Protocol team has some ambitious goals they are working towards. So how are they going to accomplish this? The team tells us how with a detailed roadmap.

First, coming out TODAY is the launch of the $THREE token. Starting today, you can get $THREE on Uniswap with the trading pair $THREE/wETH.

Let’s see what else is in the roadmap.

  •  May 2024:

Coming up in May, we have a few important developments like:

    • An audit of their Tri-Signature Smart Contract for the Solana Chain. To clarify, Three Protocol will run its marketplaces on both Solana and Tectum blockchains. And the Team is talking to other chains too. The goal is to be multi-chain from the start to give as much access as possible to those who want these marketplaces.
    • Both the v1 and full launch of the Jobs3 job marketplace portal.
    • Deploying and testing the Tri-Signature Smart Contract (post-audit)
  • June 2024:

June’s major event will be Introducing $THREE token staking:

  • July 2024:

In July, adding tech improvements to the Jobs portal is the key goal for this month. The main goal here is to add AI tech and neural networks to improve the matching of job skills and job requests on the Jobs3 marketplace.

The other big event planned for July is the launch of the 3Bay platform on the web. This is the decentralized eBay mentioned earlier. Some other major events during Q3 are:

  • The audit and deployment of the Tri-Signature Smart Contract for the Tectum chain.
  • Ongoing staking code improvements.
  • Much more as you can see on this detailed roadmap the Team posted online.

Now you know, and I know that many teams don’t hit their roadmap goals. The best teams hit some but have delays in others. That’s just the nature of dealing with technology. But the best teams do eventually fulfill their roadmaps. Plus, we like that this roadmap is so transparent and specific.

Then with Tectum behind it, we’ve seen them hit many of their roadmap goals. That leads us to think Three Protocol will hit many of theirs too. If the idea of decentralized marketplaces excites you, then you can learn more about Three Protocols and the Jobs3 Portal here at this link.

And coming later today, you can find the $THREE/wETH token contract on Uniswap if you want to buy it to support the project. Check out the next generation in decentralized marketplaces



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