How to Earn Aptos (APT) Tokens Playing This P2E Game

The gaming industry is big money. In 2022, the estimated revenue is $347 billion, and the blockchain gaming share is around $7.1 billion. Aptos is also joining the fun. However, on a slightly smaller scale. 

You can join the Aptos Arena P2E game and gain up to 60 APT per day. At current rates, that’s $420.

What Is Aptos Arena?

Aptos Arena is a P2E open-access, Infinite Royale PvP shooter game. It’s also arcade-style. The team raised $4 million and received an Aptos grant as well. Your character is an NFT, but there’s no need to buy it. Join the game, have a minimum of 0.1 APT in your Petra wallet, and you’re ready to rock & roll.

Petra Wallet is the official partner of the game. This means that you need to download this wallet in case you don’t have it yet. Once you installed the Petra Wallet, you will need to fund it. You can buy APT on a CEX or one of the Aptos DEXes. So, you can send it straight to your wallet or bridge it over. You need a minimum of 0.1 APT.

How to Play Aptos Arena?

Before you can start playing Aptos Arena, make sure to connect your Petra Wallet. Also select the region you’re in, in the top-right corner. There’s no need to download the game. You can play it straight on your PC. As of now, it’s not available as a mobile version. The entry cost per game is 0.02 APT or $0.14 (at a $7 APT price). 

In the top-left corner, you see your name as ‘null’. You can change that and get your preferred name. It will also show your APT balance. You’re all set now and can tap the ‘Play’ button. This action will open your wallet. You need to confirm the 0.02 APT to start the game in your wallet. See the picture below.

Aptos Arena

Source: Aptos Arena app

These 0.02 APT are also referred to as the ‘spawn’ cost. After your wallet confirms the transaction, you go into matchmaking.  You enter the game unarmed, so you need to arm yourself. So, look around for loot crates and open them. The crates will have guns in them. Make sure to stand in the designated circle when opening the box. The circles have time limits, so make sure to not waste time.

Once you click on the ‘controls’ button, you can see the functions of the game buttons on your keyboard. See the picture below. Now you need to eliminate other players. Each elimination gives you 0.018 APT. Once you get the hang of it, you should be able to get at least 10 eliminations per game. 

Aptos Arena
Aptos Arena

There are three different guns available, SMGs, Shotguns, or Snipers. Pick a gun based on distance to your enemy. To understand the game better, take breaks and hide or take cover.


We looked at the Aptos Arena P2E shooter PvP game. So, there’s no need to download it, you can play it straight on your PC. Furthermore, the game is not expensive and you can make a good return. It’s a popular game on Aptos, you may want to try it out.

The current APT price is $7.11. It has a $1.7 billion market cap. There’s an infinite max supply of APT tokens. The total supply is 1.06 billion tokens. APT’s circulating supply is 248.5 million.


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