3 High Potential Crypto Gaming Gems

WE LOVE LOVE LOVE infrastructure. They are the tools that all projects need in one way or another. But there’s one area of infrastructure we haven’t talked about in a while.

And today, we are going to fix that. What am I talking about? Gaming Infrastructure. The tools games need to grow their user bases and be successful. So today, 3 of our top gaming gems.

1) IQ Protocol

First in gaming infrastructure today is IQ Protocol. It is the premier NFT lending protocol for gaming NFTs. In fact, this protocol works SO well that someone new to crypto with an empty wallet can try it for FREE. They do not have to pay gas and can use the proceeds they earn from the game they play to pay off the loan.

We have not seen any way that is easier to draw a legacy Web2 gamer into crypto games than this. They only need a wallet. And it can be EMPTY. We’ve been reporting often about IQ Protocol in general and their huge airdrop specifically. It’s their 10 million $IQT Megadrop.

It started at the end of March and is going through Q2 for at least another few weeks. And not just that, the partnerships keep coming. More and more games are seeing that integration with IQ Protocol means getting more users faster and cheaper than other ways to market to gamers. Kryptomon and Mars4 games are now integrating IQ for NFT rentals in their games.

And while all this happens, the airdrop campaign and points gathering continues. More than 22,000 people joined Phase 1 of this megadrop and this is Phase 2. This makes it a great time to try IQ Protocol.

Maybe you want to try a game without investing too much of your funds. Or you are an airdrop hunter. Or you have a new game you’ve been eyeing but just haven’t started playing it yet. Come to IQ Protocol at this link and see if that game is one of the many game integrations IQ has already. It probably is.

2) xRaise

xRaise is one of the best wallets we’ve seen for gaming. Because it is zkSync compatible it has 2 features we know gamers love: Privacy and account Abstraction. Account abstraction can be a little bit of a gray area for lots of people. But gamers love it. And xRaise has it.

With it, you can sign in and only expose part of your wallet and its assets to the game you are playing. Plus, pausing the game for your Metamask wallet to come into the top right of your screen to see and sign a transaction to buy something while playing becomes a thing of the past.

Gamers LOVE the Session Key. This is where you can pre-sign a set of game-related transactions before you start playing. Then you can play and buy and sell without interruption. This will become a standard in blockchain gaming. But it isn’t yet. And xRaise has it now. So check out the other great features of the xRaise smart wallet right here at this link.

Do you have a favorite gaming wallet? Is it Metamask? Or one of the alternatives? Let us know in the comments below.


PARSIQ is a project we don’t often associate with gaming. Their primary offerings are for general Web3 infrastructure. Areas like block explorers and querying data on-chain. And we like the project and this part of the infrastructure a lot.

The Graph, which is the biggest player in this part of the infrastructure, is in our 50x Master Portfolio. But then PARSIQ created the Reactive Network and Reactive Smart Contracts.

This is the game changer for games. Imagine if an action on Avalanche triggered a new action on the BNB Smart Chain. This is something we haven’t seen before. First, developers could create or deploy multi-chain games. That would make adoption easier since we all have our favorites we like to use.

Or how about dynamic NFTs that change as you level up in your favorite game? The Reactive Smart Contract will react when you kill your enemy and advance. That can mean both new NFTs or in-game currency AND changes to your current NFTs if they are dynamic.

This brings a whole new level to blockchain gaming. Just as you would take the weapon of the opponent you kill in a game, your dynamic NFT can reflect the benefits of your game experience. So, check out PARSIQ and its Reactive Network for your gaming needs at this link here to elevate your gameplay to a new level.



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