Serenity Shield is following through on their tokenomics promises. They have shared a huge announcement on its X page. Recall that the project recently burned around 300k SERSH tokens. This reduced its total supply to 99.7 million SERSH tokens. 

Following the token burn, Serenity Shield is launching the “Serenity Revenue Share” program. The program is funded by its partnership with Contentra. Contentra is an educational publisher. The partnership leverages Serenity’s Web3 technology to store Contrentra’s archives.

The token burn fuels Serenity’s deflationary tokenomics. Serenity Shield plans to have more burns in the future to increase the value of its SERSH token.

How do you take part in the reward program?

Participating in the reward program is pretty simple. First, you have to be an active StrongBox user with verified data. StrongBox is a solution that helps users store their data on the blockchain. It’s the Dropbox of Web3.

Furthermore, to take part in the program, you’ll need to hold SERSH for six months. The revenue funds will continue to expand as Serenity onboard more clients and Dapps. Here’s how it works. The more data you store or the SERSH you hold, the more revenue you’re entitled to. Serenity plans to begin distribution in Q3 2024. The team plans to release the terms and conditions in May.

What’s the partnership with Contentra about?

The deal is a significant milestone for both projects. It also marks the growing adoption of blockchain technology for real-world utility. Contentra will store 10 million gigabytes of digital data on Serenity’s solution. The partnership allows Contentra to provide decentralized storage solutions to its clients.

Web2 legacy projects are turning to blockchain to increase their reach. And Serenity Shields provides the technology to help improve their processes. Serenity offers a better way to safeguard sensitive data. It also helps secure document inheritance. With Serenity, your family can inherit your assets should a situation demand such.

The problem of passing your assets to the next person has been a huge challenge in Web3. Serenity uses a non-custodial seed recovery system. This way, you can nominate who inherits your assets. This approach is known as Serenity’s Digital Asset Legacy (DAL). We covered it in detail in this article.

What’s next for Serenity?

There’s been a lot of activity within the Serenity Shield ecosystem. The team has focused on keeping things on track. Lately, the project has gained several recognitions as an RWA project to watch out for.

The team was recently part of the Token 2049 conference. SERSH was also recognized on CoinMarketCap as one of the trending projects. This was a huge boost for Serenity’s visibility.

Furthermore, Serenity’s staking pools 1–9 recently reached its peak capacity. This reflects the community’s huge participation. The community staked an impressive 1.6 million $SERSH tokens across all pools!

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