Blockchain gaming is one of the blockchain verticals that is about to take off. During this bull run, expectations for blockchain games are high. Gaming growth expectations are also set high. In 2022, it was $224.6 billion. For 2032, $610 billion is in the cards. Storm Warfare is a new blockchain game that’s launching this month. It’s looking to carve out its place in the gaming market.

So, let’s take a look at what Storm Warfare is all about.

Made by Janus, IGO on Seedify
What Is Storm Warfare?

Storm Warfare is a CCD game, or Collectible Card Game. It is set during WWII. In December 2023, it saw its Open Beta launch. This included a $40,000 tournament full of rewards. However, now it’s time to take off the gloves and launch the main game. The game is not only Free-to-Play but also offers Play-to-Earn elements. This launch involves a couple of steps. For example,

Free Mint of 1,000 Genesis Commanders. 

The cards are NFTs, which allows you to truly own the in-game assets. In this case, the cards or the NFTs. To clarify, though, these NFTs are not like any other ordinary NFT. No, Sir. Storm Warfare launches Dynamic NFTs. This means, that over time, they can not only change attributes, but also appearance. For example, facial features can change. But also, ranks and decorations can change. The decorations are the Commander’s medals and badges. 

You can choose between five different factions. For instance, these are the British, American, Russian, German, or Japanese factions. The Commanders also come in five different classes. They all have different strengths and weaknesses. The various decorations and badges can also make a difference. Some decorations are rarer than others, which increases your Commander’s value. The picture below shows how a Commanders changes over time. Not only his facial features, but also his decorations.

Storm Warfare

Source: Storm Warfare blog

IGO on 22nd January

An IGO is an Initial Game Offering. This IGO will happen on Seedify. They incubated this game. Seedify is also a launchpad. According to Chain Broker, their average ROI is 1.67x. Some top projects that launched on Seedify are, for example,

  • ChatGPT, this did a 22x to date.
  • Games For a Living with a 10.1x to date.
  • Or Bloktopia with an 8.96x to date.

So, Seedify seems to be a good choice for Storm Warfare as a launchpad. A total of 46.58% of their launches were GameFi related. This demonstrates Seedify’s expertise in this sector.

Storm Warfare Features

Storm Warfare has various great features in its game plan. This includes, among others,

  • 10k AI-generated avatars. See how they change over time.
  • 70 WWII battle boards, based on facts. Animated battlefields 3D. For example, terrain and weather conditions are dynamic.
  • 100 Legendary heroes. Based on real WWII legends.
  • 400+ collectible in-game cards. Tradable on their marketplace.

The game will also host public tournaments. They are already scheduled for February and March. Normandy, Kursk, and the Pacific are among the battlefields. 

There are also sets of cards for all the five factions. They have a rarity of 5 different levels. Starting at Common and ending with Legendary. The card sets include, for instance,

  • Navy.
  • Tanks,
  • Aircraft.
  • Events.
  • Infantry.
  • Weapons.
  • Support.

Storm Warfare will also have a marketplace. Here you can trade all your NFTs. The video below shows some features of the game.


Storm Warfare is the long-awaited WWII CCD game. It promises lots of action and exciting gameplay in the blockchain gaming field. Two main events will happen during January. These are the launch of 1000 Genesis Commander NFTs and their IGO on Seedify. In short, with fact-based and historical battlegrounds, something to look forward to.


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