It’s rare to find a new crypto project that doesn’t work with smart contracts. Other than Bitcoin it’s almost impossible to find one. Yet, Kima Network is such a new project with some great and unique features. It doesn’t use smart contracts. As a result, there’s no exposure to any smart contract vulnerability.

There’s much more that makes Kima Network interesting. So, let’s dive straight in.

What Is Kima Network?

The Kima Network is on a mission to revolutionize the financial world as we know it. Now, that’s a mouth full, but hear me out. Its design addresses current fundamental challenges across financial institutions. This includes digital and traditional assets. Kima allows for seamless and compliant transfers. In itself, this is nothing new. However, offering this between various financial ecosystems is. It adds a new twist to interoperability.

Here are more reasons that make this network stand out.

  • It can mobilize $280 trillion of RWAs (real-world assets tokenization). — BlackRock launched a $1 billion fund for RWA. This pumped all RWA projects. Kima offers safe trading and cross-ecosystem distribution.
  • Broad blockchain and traditional banking support. — Kima can integrate blockchain with TradFi ecosystems. For example, EVM, non-EVM, or private chains.
  • Enhanced fiat-crypto gateways — It offers transactions in any currency. There’s no more need to rely on CEXes.
  • Cross-border payment efficiency — Kima’s financial ecosystem is borderless. International transactions become fast with low costs.

The Kima Network connects decentralized and centralized financial ecosystems. DeFi and TradFi become interoperable.

What Makes Kima Network Different?

There are a couple of features that make Kima Network stand out. For example,

  • It isn’t dependent on smart contracts. This gives it greater security and efficiency. It also streamlines communication and makes it less complex. Consequently, Kima isn’t exposed to smart contract vulnerabilities.
  • There’s also an SDK (software development kit) that functions as a universal router. As a result, it can connect assets between Web3, TradFi, and private chains. As a result, there’s unprecedented liquidity.
  • Kima can directly interact with Web2 APIs. This bridges the gap between decentralized and centralized apps.
  • There are no limitations on the transfer value of any asset class. Kima offers interoperability between all chains and TradFi. EVM, non-EVM, private chains, Bitcoin, bank accounts, or financial apps. There are no limitations. This is a unique feature of Kima Network.
Kima Network IDO is Imminent

A Kima Network IDO is imminent. The IDO will be on Polkastarter. An allow list will soon be available. The price of 1 token will be $0.214. The goal is to raise $250.000. All further details, like date, start-, end-, or distribution time are not confirmed yet. Keep an eye out for the social media platforms of Kima Network and Polkastarter.

However, you can sign up with Polkastarter. This gives you the opportunity to receive all their related notifications. Plus, you can get yourself whitelisted now. Kima also has a very experienced team. It combines early crypto adoptors (since 2014) with long-term leadership positions. Kima also has well-versed investors and advisors. The picture below shows their tokenomics.

Kima Network

Source: Polkastarter


Kima Network brings TradFi and the blockchain space together. It offers seamless interoperability between the digital blockchain space and traditional finance. Kima doesn’t use smart contracts or bridges. However, it still manages to connect all chains and traditional financial apps. This makes it more secure and efficient. An IDO on Polkastarter is imminent.



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