Top Crypto Partnerships — April, Week 4

Many projects are coming to the limelight, leading to more collaborations in the Crypto space.

Altcoin Buzz recently partnered with some game changers that align with their visions in the Crypto space. Let’s review these partnerships and what they entail.

1) Raiinmaker

Raiinmaker rewards creators for tasks like managing a mobile DePIN, generating AI content, and training AI.  You can get the app on your iOS or Android device.

Raiinmaker recently partnered with London Real TV, which could expand its reach as a decentralized platform worldwide. London Real TV is a platform with many benefits; it also runs a crypto academy, podcasts, an investment club, and much more. Raiinmakers see the future and are interested in being a part of it. 

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2) Edu3labs

Education in the Web3 space is something other than what we could look past. So, Edu3lab is making the learning process much easier by integrating technologies and innovations that could spice things up.

Edu3lab’s token, $NFE, helps access lessons, contests, and interactions in the Edu3lab ecosystem. $NFE is currently trading at $0.095 and has a market cap of $2.3 million. Edu3lab has notable professors like Edushi and Chain Street.

Learning does not have to be boring, so Edu3lab partnered with Meme Prof, a meme community, to shake things up and make the learning process a bit fun for everyone. With Meme Prof, you get a social platform revolving around the innovative workings of AI. Right here, meme meets finance and learning. The collaboration between Edu3labs and Meme Prod is the start of something new in the Web3 learning space. 

3) Ordify

Ordify has a lot in store with its products designed to reshape our investment experiences. Ordify has a launchpad open to token launches and fundraising. There is also the Ordify bridge for seamless transactions across many chains and the Ordify wallet for Ordinal and Bitcoin tokens.

$ORFY is currently trading at $0.4957 with a market cap of $2.92 million. Ordify recently partnered with the Next Gem AI web3 protocol. The Next Gem AI is a tool for an AI trading tool. Since Ordify has unique products, its collaboration with Next Gem AI will lead to more accurate token predictions.

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4) Fuel On Blast 

With Fuel on Blast, you can create and launch tokens with extra features. You can also pick your preferred DEX for launch and fund it via liquidity loans, taxes, or direct payments. You could even use the self-funding option. 

Fuel on Blast collaborated with Hybrid, which is all about democratizing blockchain access with Atlas. Hybrid is also into making the space user-friendly and developing AI-based applications. Fuel on Blast’s collaboration with Hybrid will birth a lot of innovative protocols.

5) Octa Gaming 

Octo Gaming is a gaming platform that rewards users for playing games. It works with the exact mechanisms of a play-to-earn platform. You can also compete in the leaderboard to earn $OTK tokens. 

You can select any game and have fun with it. Octo Gaming collaborated with Jambo for a gaming contest.  How can you get in?

  • Download the Octo gaming app on your iOS or Android.
  • Then, begin or start to play on Drop Out.

What’s in it for you? There is a reward price of 1700 $OTK tokens and 10 Jambo phones.

$OTK is currently trading at $0.04391 with a marker cap of $12.9 million. Jambo is a Web3 mobile platform. Jambo Phone is the best web3 gaming phone for only $99; you can get one here. The Jambo phone is sleek with 64 GB storage capacity, 4 GB RAM, and dual camera.  The Jambo phone comes with the Jambo app, which offers Jambo Earn, Jambo Play, and Jambo Wallet.

Altcoin buzz partnerships for this week are all elite, with much to offer beyond what we’ve seen. As the month goes on, there will be more to explore.



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