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Get your daily fix of breaking cryptocurrency news, Bitcoin updates and trends in blockchain from around the world. We cover all the things that really matter, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Binance (BNB), EOS (EOS), Tron (TRX) price movements. But that’s not all. We devote a lot of time to get you exclusive news about curious projects and altcoins like Ravencoin (RVN), Enjin (ENJ), VeChain (VET), Dogecoin (DOGE). And many others. Further cryptocurrency news includes news and opinions related to regulations, opinions of thought leaders and business.

We want to ensure that the crypto community stays tuned as the cryptocurrency industry evolves. Stay in the loop as we elucidate cryptocurrency regulations, keep an eye on big names like John McAfee, Mike Novogratz, Tom Lee, and many others.

What is Reef Chain?

The decentralized finance space has experienced incredible growth over the last two years. This growth has been spurred by the addition of more projects...
arbitrum airdrop

Arbitrum Airdrop | Did You miss it? | How To Get FREE ARB Tokens

Ok, you are not the only one who missed Arbitrum airdrop, the biggest airdrop of 2023. But don't regret. Let us work together to...
Top crypto exchanges with no KYC

Crypto’s Best Kept Secret: CoinEx NO KYC Exchange

Since the fall of FTX in November, there have been strong doubts about crypto exchanges. Binance, Coinbase, and the like are being stress-tested and...
hottest crypto gems

HOTTEST Crypto GEMS Under Our Radar

Under The Radar Coins. Unseen Gems. That’s what everyone wants to find. What could become the next Bitcoin? Or the next The Sandbox? The...

KyberSwap Announces First Ever Liquidity Pools on Arbitrum

This is huge! KyberSwap is launching a bunch of very lucrative, first time offers on Arbitrum. Read on to find out all the details. Since...


New champions are out there! About 2 months back, I took a unique position in the crypto market. I invested $1500 in altcoins that...
Top 3 bridges for Avalanche

Top 3 bridges for Avalanche

Bitcoin and Ethereum have received much attention from blockchain enthusiasts. But in both networks, transactions take a long time to complete and cost a...
4 AI Altcoins Gems to Make New Millionaires

4 AI Altcoins Gems to Make New Millionaires

Another AI update, another pump. ChatGPT-4 Launch has sent AI Tokens Soaring once again. Is AI mimicking meme token phenomena or some real fundamental...
3 DOMINANT Altcoins for Crypto's Next Bull Run

3 DOMINANT Altcoins for Crypto’s Next Bull Run

Bear markets are always overwhelming But people make their money in bear markets and only figure out how much in bull markets. Although this bear...

Hector Network Unveils SaaS Bonding, a Community Solution

When it comes to DeFi, everyone is always looking to invest tokens with good odds of getting good yields. However, this is very difficult...