Top 7 Crypto Projects To generate Passive Income

As you increase your income base, you will naturally look for ways to maximize your cash flow.

One way to improve your cash flow in the crypto space is through passive income with some altcoins. You don’t stress much, but you make money from the system. How can you achieve this?  Through DePIN, the future of decentralization.  Let’s get to it, but first. Let’s see a little bit about what is DePIN.

What is DePIN? 

DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network) is a new niche of Web3 that creates a decentralized network for physical structures like storage and computing. It explores models that can generate revenue streams for users. The revenue system incentivizes network participation.

The crypto space works with narratives, and DePIN is a recent narrative that has been generating funds for users. You can get in by participating in airdrop tasks and being early. Now, let’s take a look at the projects:

1) Get Grass 

The Grass web extension sells your unused internet to AI companies. In return, use the unused data to get data to work on improving their algorithm. The exciting part of this is that you’ll earn money, $GRASS, from it. To take part of this, you need to:

  • Go to the Get Grass website.
  • Get started with the website. 
  • Download the Grass extension. 
  • Start earning rewards
  • Invite your friends to earn more rewards.

2) Nodle 

Nodle offers a new insight into real-world networking. To get $NODL, it’s native token, you need to:

  • Visit Nodle.
  • Download and install the application. 
  • Then, create a wallet. 
  • Now, turn on Bluetooth to get started.

In Nodle, you earn rewards for contributing to the decentralized network using your smartphone.

3) WiFi Map

WiFi map is an intelligent innovation that plans to provide limitless global access to the Internet and lifestyle platforms. To participate, you need to: 

Afterward, you can start receiving rewards for adding hotspots and verifying networks. These are regular activities that can earn you rewards. You receive $WIFI when you perform tasks. 

4) IOnet 

IOnet is another practical project. It’s built on Solana and offers a free airdrop. To participate, you need to: 

You revive $IO when you perform social quests and discord tier tasks.

5) Render 

Render provides GPU-based rendering solutions in a decentralized way. To get started, you need to:

  • Register on Render.
  • Answer a few questions. 
  • Learn how to earn $RNDR tokens by providing GPU resources.

Render tasks are smooth; you’ll get it done within no time. 

6) Hivemapper

Another of these altcoins is Hivemapper. For AI training opportunities and map data, Hivemapper is your go-to option. Hivemapper can also generate passive income. To get into it, you need to:

  • Sign up on Hivemapper.
  • Train your AI to your preference.
  • Earn $HONEY in return. 

Also, you can increase your earning advantage by purchasing a Dashcam. 

7) Helium

Helium is the last of our altcoins. To take part in Helium, you need to buy a hotspot listed here. Helium is a decentralized wireless infrastructure.

All these crypto altcoins have the potential to generate passive income. To profit from them, you only need to participate in the tasks early.



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