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In this section, you will find special reports and trends on distributed ledger technologies and enterprise applications. And gain insights into the usage of blockchain technology in all major industries out there, including the world of finance, health care, energy, gaming, entertainment, supply chain, travel, and insurance.

At the end of the day, we want to ensure that all our readers understand the uses cases of blockchain technology and blockchain’s advantages. This is why we pick only the news that matters. And explain how companies and individuals are putting to use this novel technology. Thus, take a moment and explore such companies as Segwit, Sharding, New Consensus, Forks, and more.

So, get on board our blockchain train as we explore its potential.

A Comparison of $Trac, Fetch.ai and Singularity: 3 AI Tokens

A Comparison of $Trac, Fetch.ai and Singularity: 3 AI Tokens

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tokens are enjoying a wave of interest that started with the launch of the chatbot ChatGPT, which has become the latest...
PoW Coin

Is This the Best PoW Coin for Americans to Mine?

Most of you probably don't remember back before DeFi existed in crypto. But back then, one of the best ways to support your favorite...
why brands needs to embrase web3 part 1

Why Brands Need to Embrace Web3 – Part 1

Here is the session called “Why Brands Need to Embrace WEB3”. This occurred on the first day of the conference, Thursday 14th at 4:00...
A Brief Look at Modular Blockchains

A Brief Look at Modular Blockchains

The concept of modular blockchains is becoming the new narrative for network scalability and blockchain infrastructure. The next evolution of the blockchain allows for designing...
5 Ways to Evaluate Layer 1 Blockchains

5 Ways to Evaluate Layer 1 Blockchains 

There are plenty of layer 1 blockchains out there. That means that there is stiff competition in this field, which makes it also a...
Learn About On-Chain Analysis

Learn About On-Chain Analysis

This article takes a look at on-chain analysis and how it can improve your crypto trading and investing. On-chain analysis (also called blockchain analysis) involves...
Should Bitcoin Move to Proof of Stake?

Should Bitcoin Move From Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake?

A panel at the Oslo Freedom Forum discussed this question earlier this week. Namcios, a Bitcoin researcher and writer for Bitcoin Magazine, wrote a...

How Did Cosmos Fare Under Terra’s LUNA/UST Debacle

As you may know, Terra built their project on Cosmos. Just like many other projects on the network, they used Tendermint and the Cosmos...
bridge tokens

5 Ways to Bridge Tokens From Any Blockchain

DeFi, though still pretty much nascent, has completely revolutionized the blockchain space. However, this sector can also be intimidating and difficult to navigate for...
Token Standards, What Are They?

Token Standards, What Are They?

Once you get involved in crypto, you will work with all kinds of different token standards. Probably without even realizing it. For instance, there...