Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. It’s almost like instead of that old phrase that “software is eating the world”, now it’s AI that is eating the world. It is becoming a part of our lives in many different ways. Yet, in crypto, there are not many AI-based projects. But we have a great new project bringing AI and crypto together for you today called Openfabric AI.

Let’s see what Openfabric has to offer. And it’s A LOT.

What is Openfabric AI?

Openfabric AI brings the best of AI’s potential to crypto. It does this by first being a decentralized marketplace. Full-on protocols or AI agents ready to hit the market can market their projects here for others to use. All in a decentralized way, which we really like.

And if that was all they did, that would be pretty cool. We need more marketplaces like this, especially with crypto-enabled payments for using AI services. After all, if a service can be automated and digitized through AI, why can’t the payment for that service? It could turn out to be one crypto’s best use cases. But Openfabric does more than that.

AI Infrastructure

Openfabric also provides AI infrastructure to help others in the app-building process. This includes working with:

AI Innovators: They create AI algorithms that can solve real business problems.

Data Providers: They provide and distribute the data required for AI testing and training.

Infrastructure Providers: They provide the hardware needed to train and test AI algorithms.

Service Consumers: They’re the end users who leverage AI to empower their businesses and lives.

The goal here is to make AI applications as accessible to as many people as possible.

Custom AI Apps

Then there’s a whole separate team that will build a custom AI app for you using the above-mentioned infrastructure. Got an idea for an AI use case but can’t code? Openfabric will build it for you.


I don’t know about you but I’m a little concerned about giving too much personal information to OpenAI when I ask ChatGPT a question. I bet most of you are too. Openfabric uses TEE or Trusted Execution Environments to keep your AI data private. You know who else uses TEE? One of our favorite privacy projects, The Secret Network. It’s one of the best sets of privacy technologies out there.

A Couple of Cool New Use Cases for AI

One of Openfabric’s more interesting projects deals with the human genome. In this project, Openfabric generated an artificial genome along with predicting the protein structure of some of the DNA within the genome. Think about how valuable that could be for further research. You don’t even have to have people donating cells or blood or anything to further this important research. All through AI and fine-tuning some models. It’s pretty amazing.

Drug therapies are another huge project focus for the Openfabric team. Their Drug Discovery AI app lets researchers see things like how toxic is the treatment to the patient. Or how will this interact with other drugs? This could be a huge leap forward in drug discovery and drug safety.


You can see that Openfabric has A LOT going on. We particularly like that they have enabled privacy features in their work. We also like that you can bring your apps or they will help build one for you. Add to that the team’s own cutting-edge research and you have a big recipe for success. This isn’t just AI the buzzword. This is real productivity building real apps that help people.

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