The gaming industry is big. This year, the expected revenue is $282 billion. In 2027, we’re looking at $363 billion revenue. Blockchain gaming is trying to get its foot in the gaming door and get its share. Fusionist is such a blockchain gaming project. They recently released a new MOBA game, ACE Arenas. MOBA stands for multiplayer online battle arena.

So, let’s take a closer look at Fusionist and its ACE Arenas MOBA game.

What Is ACE Arenas by Fusionist?

ACE Arenas is a pixel-style MOBA game by Fusionist. You can use their native $ACE token in the game. However, the in-game currency is $gACE. So, you can swap $ACE for $gACE.  1 $ACE gives you 100 $gACE. Be aware that ACE Arenas is still in Beta, though. You will need an ACE Avatar NFT to qualify for this Beta. There’s a 10k supply of these avatars and they have 6 rarity tiers. This avatar boosts your combat power as well. Here’s a link on how to get one. The Beta game runs between 18th and 24th April.

You can also earn $ACE in the game. For example, with the avatar. To get your hands on this $ACE, there are,

  • 16 heroes.
  • 5 major classes.
  • 4 competitive modes.

The following video gives a short intro to ACE Arenas by Fusionist.

How to Play ACE Arenas by Fusionist?

Playing the game is straightforward. Let me explain this first, before I go into more detail. 

  • First, you will need to connect your wallet. You also need to pick a hero.
  • Buy tickets with your $gACE.
  • Pick a battle mode. There are 4 modes, more on this later.
  • Get active point rewards. These can collect hero fragments and $gACE. Max daily amount is 165 points and up to 350 $gACE.

There are also BattlePasses available. If you buy a BattlePass, you get 3 random heroes. There are more perks available for obtaining this pass. For example, free tickets and a season prize pool. The picture below shows all related game terms.


Source: Fusionist Medium

Battle Modes

Ace Arenas has 4 battle modes. For each mode you want to take part in, you need to spend tickets. 

  1. Force Rite — A 3vs3 battle mode. 
  2. Valor Arena — Another 3vs3 battle mode. 
  3. D-Gladiator — A 1vs 11 battle mode.
  4. Abyss Dungeon — Battle mode is 4 teams of 3 fighting individually.

Each mode is only available twice per day, for an hour. There’s a gliding timescale, so there’s only one game available at a time. The following picture shows the Valor Area battle mode.


Source: Fusionist Medium

What Is Fusionist?

Fusionist is a blockchain game and game infrastructure layer. It also has its native $ACE token. The team has vast experience in the gaming sector. Fusionist also offers a sidechain, named Endurance. This has its own BOAT token. That’s the Bound On-Chain Achievement Token. It’s a proof of identity for outstanding contributions to Fusionist. You can get the BOAT token by being an active community member.

You can also stake your $ACE on Endurance and it has a launchpad. For example, you can get the ACE Avatar there. The Fusionist’s goal is to bring Web3 gaming to the next level.


Fusionist released a new pixel style MOBA game, ACE Arenas. We describe the game and give an explanation of Fusionist.

The current $ACE price is $5.52. It has a market cap of $121 million. The max and total supply are 147 million $ACE. Out of these, 14.95% or 22 million $ACE already circulate.



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