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Crypto airdrops are like the hidden treasures of the crypto world. Beyond just receiving free tokens, they offer a glimpse of the potential rewards and benefits of investing in new crypto projects.

These airdrops are not just a marketing strategy but an essential tool that helps new projects get real adoption. Also, users can earn free tokens, explore new projects, and learn more about DeFi. But let’s be honest, more are here for the money. So, let’s explore the TreasureDAO airdrop and how you can get your hands on some $ARB tokens!

What is TreasureDAO?

In September 2021, John Patten and Gaarp introduced Treasure, an extension of the Loot project encompassing various currencies for use within a native metaverse. Essentially, Treasure is a decentralized gaming platform that aims to unite gaming communities via an ecosystem of 10+ games, NFTs, and a native token called $MAGIC.

The fundamental elements of the Treasure ecosystem are:

  • $MAGIC (currency/power).
  • Treasures (NFTs that represent resources).
  • Legions (NFTs that represent players).

Moreover, it’s a prominent player in Arbitrum and has initiated various initiatives, such as developing exclusive collections of NFTs and creating the Treasure Marketplace. So, TreasureDAO later emerged from this initiative with the goal of supporting the creation of new decentralized metaverses.

The platform identifies itself as the “decentralized Nintendo.” Consequently, it intends to make publishing more accessible for developers while connecting game communities through a shared ecosystem.

How to Participate in the TreasureDAO?

The Treasure project has hit the mother lode with a whopping 8 million $ARB tokens grant.

This allocation of tokens could potentially contribute to the growth and prosperity of the project while also increasing the tokens’ value. And there’s more!

With this influx of tokens, there is a possibility of future airdrops of $ARB tokens, providing an opportunity for more individuals to get involved with the Treasure project and share in the excitement of its growth.

What are the Steps to get Involved?

Step 1: The first step is simple: head over to the Treasure website and click on “connect wallet.”

Step 2: Next, provide your preferred email address and click on the “send” button. Next, check your email inbox and click the verification link to confirm your email address.

Step 3: After completing the verification process, a new page will appear. Click on “Connect Twitter” and then “Connect Discord.” After that, choose your preferred name tag, check the box to confirm that you’re not a robot, and finally, click “Reserve Treasure Tag.”

Step 4: After completing the above steps, users can select their TreasureTag and claim it by paying a fee of approximately $0.44. It is crucial to complete the required form before moving on to the next steps.

Moreover, paying attention to the top 20 projects listed on the Treasure website’s table is vital as they will receive $ARB token allocations.

  • Users who have any remaining tokens can delegate them using Tally.

  • Users can also complete project quests in Layer3 to engage with the ecosystem.

Besides, you can use the products of these projects. For instance, users can swap tokens on these platforms.

Source: Atoms Research


TreasureDAO is an exciting decentralized gaming platform that aims to create a community-driven ecosystem that connects gaming communities through various games, NFTs, and its native token, MAGIC. Its strategy focuses on staking currency assets that produce NFTs and creating dual-sided marketplaces.

Moreover, with the recent grant of 8 million $ARB tokens, the project has the potential to grow and become even more successful. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you, too, can become a part of the TreasureDAO community and contribute to its growth and success.

And who knows, you might even make some money along the way! So keep your eyes peeled!

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