Trade Smarter with LogX: Earn Through AI

LogX provides a platform where traders can have ample liquidity for seamless transactions and efficient trading experiences.

Log X enables traders to use its tools in centralized and decentralized exchanges. Also, users can trade against a liquidity pool (LP). In a decentralized exchange, traders receive tokens representing their share of the LP.

The LP holds stable assets like USDC and USDT. This way, traders can use these stablecoins for trading. Any gains or losses they make are settled using these stable assets as well.

Price Oracle

LogX uses a special system called a “dark oracle” to gather prices from different trading platforms. Centralized and decentralized exchanges. These prices are then averaged out to find a fair value.

Then, the platform compares prices from another reliable source called the Pyth Oracle network to make sure it’s accurate. This process helps ensure that the prices used on LogX are fair and reflect the actual market value. Pyth also helps provide real-time prices for different tokens on LogX and powers the charts you see on the platform:

  • LogX’s trading pool consists of stable tokens such as USDC and USDT.

  • Trades can use one of these stable tokens as collateral.

  • Eliminates the necessity to maintain separate funds for each token type.

  • Provides access to the same pool of funds regardless of the trading token.

  • Traders can use stable token funds to trade any token listed on LogX.

  • The availability of stable token funds ensures seamless trading on the platform.

Risks and Limitations Check

Each trade’s maximum profit is limited to 800% to reduce risks for liquidity providers. Here are 2 other important risks:

  • The system balances the number of buyers and sellers for each token to protect liquidity providers.

  • There’s a limit on how much you can invest in each token to manage risks.


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