Sui has a thriving blockchain gaming ecosystem. It’s one of their main focus points. During SuiBasecamp in Paris, they stepped up to this role. The Sui team announced the first handheld gaming device with native Web3 capabilities. It will come with a brand-new operating system by Playtron. It allows you to play both Web3 and Web2 games on your PC or mobile.

So, let’s take a closer look at the SuiPlay0X1 by Sui.

The SuiPlay0X1 by Sui

SuiPlay0X1 by Sui has a couple of great features going for itself. The first one is that Mysten Labs, the company behind Sui, works with Playtron. Playtron is building a brand-new gaming operating system (OS). This is device-agnostic. Playtron builds this OS from the ground up. This allows you to use it across many and varying devices. It also includes PCs. 

As a result, you can access all the gaming stores. For example, Epic Games, Steam, or Gog. Furthermore, you can sign in to all these accounts with a single launcher. Most exciting is that it is the first handheld gaming console with Web3 capabilities.

The console will also make full use of Sui’s revolutionary zkLogin. This should offer a very low threshold for Web2 users to join. However, the device isn’t expected to launch until 2025. The price tag could be around $500. Here’s a link to the SuiPlay0X1 waitlist. Besides funding great games, this is another way to onboard more Web3 users. 

Sui Integration in the OS

Sui integrates into the OS at the account level. This gives you unprecedented access to your games and assets. Your platform-wide accounts on a Playtron device now include your digital assets or any game activities. For example, it also integrates your Sui wallets and addresses. This opens new functionality layers for you. On the other hand, for new users, once they sign up, the device generates a wallet for them. This shows how easy Sui makes the onboarding process.

Another great feature is that it integrates many stores. Each store has its own limitations. For example, there are no Web3 games on Steam. The Apple Store is only available on its own devices. Or you won’t find any gambling games on Google. By introducing Web3 games, they can all become native. That’s never been done before. 

Sui realizes that a key factor is to offer fun games. Games that can hold up with Web2 games. This will bring Web2 games into Web3. It’s a crucial factor to onboard gamers to their platform. Currently, Sui has already 70 signed up. There are also plenty more games in the pipeline. The picture below shows how the SuiPLay0X1 looks like.


Source: Sui X account


Sui introduced the first handheld gaming console with native Web3 capabilities. Playtron will provide a brand-new operating system for the console. With this announcement, Sui absolutely killed it. This is the SuiPLay0X1, launching in 2025. The console also allows you to play your Web2 games from plenty of your favorite stores. It should be a catalyst in onboarding massive numbers of gamers to Web3.



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