All About the Anticipated Stacks 'Nakamoto' Update

The crypto space is always active with upgrades and updates.

The recent update that has been much anticipated is the Stacks Nakamoto upgrade. Before explaining what is this update about, let’s explain about Stacks first.

What is Stacks?

Stacks increase Bitcoin use cases by integrating the function for building Dapps with Bitcoin’s security. Unlike other innovative platforms on Bitcoin, Stacks is into making Bitcoin open to more developed activities. 

Stacks Nakamoto Launch 

Stacks rolled out the Nakamoto upgrade to improve the Bitcoin L2 solution’s transaction speed and security. The launch is about making Bitcoin more adaptable for developers by providing better tools for smart contract automation and decentralized application creation. The upgrade will open Bitcoin to more opportunities, increasing its use cases. 

The Nakamoto upgrade is rolling with Bitcoin block 840360. Here’s a breakdown of what it entails:

  • Eliminating the Need for Forks

The Nakamoto update doesn’t use Forks. Forks are a significant split in a blockchain protocol that results in two different versions of the blockchain. Forks cause network congestion, and the Nakamoto update is all about making Bitcoin efficient.

  • Security

Stacks’ Nakamoto update improves Bitcoin’s security. The update operates on technologies that allow it to perform certain functions. These technologies are Weighted Schnorr Threshold signature (WTS), Stacker DB (Stacks Foundation), and ClarityWASM (Hiro System). All these technologies allow Bitcoin to stand out from other innovations.

  • Reduced Bitcoin MEV

MEV is miner’s profits. Since miners have control over the activities on the blockchain, they could also maximize their mining profits. The Nakamoto update reduces Bitcoin MEV, reducing transaction costs because profit-seeking miners have less control.

  • Speed

The upgrade improves speed challenges. Transactions no longer take a long time to process. The Nakamoto update confirms transactions in five seconds.

  • Bitcoin Movement

Stacks Nakamoto allows for a smoother transaction between Bitcoin L1 and L2.

Since its creation in 2021, stacks have been thriving through thick and thin with its meme community and DeFi applications. The Nakamoto upgrade makes Bitcoin much more versatile. The update speeds up transactions, creates a more secure Bitcoin network, and provides developers with a flexible platform to bring their ideas to life.

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How Will the Nakamoto Update Achieve All These?

The Stacks Blockchain describes introducing a new blockchain transaction as a tenure. A tenure is the time it takes for transactions to be successful. Now, that’s what the Nakamoto update is changing. With the Nakamoto update, Bitcoin blocks no longer decide a miner’s tenure; instead, $STX stackers do.

So, If a miner wants to handle a block transaction, he sends it to the stackers. The process continues when the stackers sign it, and miners produce signatures that confirm the block. 

Stackers must sign and replicate each block, and they can increase the tenure of a miner. Stackers replicating each block is how forks got eliminated. They are incentivized to replicate blocks. What they do is produce signatures that represent 70% of Stacked $STX. So, stackers keep the system going while miners get block rewards like in the regular process. 

STX miners begin by submitting a block commit transaction, and stackers observe it and produce a 10-year tenure with 70% signing powers. Miners make a block and send it to stackers. The stackers confirm and replicate it, and the miners see it and get the next block. The Nakamoto update eliminated forks, and Bitcoin finality became the day’s call.

In conclusion, the Nakamoto upgrade makes Bitcoin much more versatile. It speeds up transactions and creates a more secure Bitcoin network.



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