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Nowadays, it usually takes 3-4 months, on average, to make an app. Now, making a decentralized app can take the same time or some extra months. Yes, building a decentralized platform not only demands your time, but also technical resources.

Therefore, now that web3 is getting viral, people with no coding experience are also trying to build decentralized apps. However, they are finding obstacles that only a fraction of them can overcome. As a result, to close that gap, Prime Lab has created a NEAR-powered platform where anyone can create dApps in a few minutes. Discover it in this article.

What is PrimeLab?

Over the years, the lack of developers in the crypto ecosystem has become one of the most critical bottlenecks of the industry. Therefore, a practical solution is to provide solutions where anyone can develop them without prior technical knowledge. Prime Lab is an open-source platform where anyone can materialize their idea into a dApp.

According to DappRadar, Prime Lab had more than 860,000 users and 4.97 million transactions in the last 30 days. As a result, more than 9.92k NEAR tokens were used.

PrimeLab Ecosystem

Prime Lab’s users have created many types of dApps that we want you to be aware of:

According to DappRadar, this dapp is the third most viralized in its platform over the last 7 days.  Also, in the NEAR Explorer, NFT maker has generated 5.7 million transactions with more than 782,000 NFTs.

  • Web3Cloud: An encrypted file storage system where you can manage all your files in one place. It’s in the Beta version now.

More About PrimeLab

With PrimeLab, you will be able to share your WiFi network via a pay-per-use subscription where you can charge a certain number of NEAR tokens per MB. Also, this platform has Mailer, a decentralized tool where you can eliminate spam and only receive messages previously permitted.

Moreover, PrimeLab CPA is a marketing platform where you can pay for your campaigns with NEAR. Finally, with Aurora, people can use which ad you want to see while you earn NEAR in the process.

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