Top 9 Bitcoin Low Caps Coins with 100x Potential – Part 2

The first part of this article covered the top 5 BTC tokens with 100x potential.

Let’s look at four more BTC coins you should be aware of.

1) BeFi Labs

BeFi Labs is a BRC-20, Runes, and Ordinals trading terminal. It works fine with metamask and other wallets. With BeFi Labs, you get to trade BRC-20 tokens without extra charges. 

If you hold $BEFI, you get little or no gas transactions on the BeFi Labs platform. $BEFI currently trades at $0.2193 and has a market cap of $10.4M.

2) SatoshiSync 

SatoshiSync is at the forefront of creating a permissionless inscription market on BRC-20 tokens. This approach will enable easy bridging to ERC-20 tokens for a better liquidity experience.  You can also establish cross-chain marketplaces on Ethereum, Solana, and other blockchains. How is this possible? 

With InscripSync and the Satoshi Router, you can mint inscriptions by clicking on a few functions. At the same time, Satoshi Router ensures ease in bridging the cross-chain of BRC20 assets to get liquidity on any platform. You do not need to know how to write codes to use the inscription function. 

$SSNC is Satoshi’s native token. If you stake $SSNC, you receive BTCFi tokens. $SSNC is currently trading at $0.1404 and has a market cap of $7.51 million. 

3) BounceBit

BounceBit is the first ever native $BTC restaking protocol. It provides a secure network for users by staking BTC and bounceBit token, $BOUNCE.

By interacting with BounceBit, you will gain access to its launchpad and receive rewards for node operations. Holding BounceBit tokens gives you access to staking, protocol incentives, governance, and more.

The Bitcoin ecosystem is gaining traction because of the active participation during this bull season.



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