Three Protocol: AI and $THREE Token Drive Marketplaces

Imagine a world where anyone can buy or sell goods on the internet. Even those who lack access to traditional banking systems.

This is what the Three Protocol aims to bring through their novel approach toward decentralized marketplaces.

Three Protocol: Revolutionizing Access with $THREE Token

The $THREE token is its native and utility token. It is a unique form of digital asset that doubles up as a utility token. This means that users will be able to use $THREE tokens for powering transactions within its ecosystem. 

Three Protocol aims to establish an array of independent online marketplaces. It uses neural network AI, smart contracts, and other sophisticated technologies. These marketplaces ensure secure transaction processing and timely delivery of products and services. They also maintain fairness in operations, being controlled through a DAO called Marketplace.

Jobs3 happens to be the first marketplace built under this project. It will compete directly with giants like Upwork and Fiverr. Jobs3 guarantees efficiency and decentralization in delivering services. This provides users with a fresh alternative perspective when searching for jobs compared to other commonly available platforms today.

Also, The Three Protocol is working with artificial intelligence and ZKP digital IDs. Their goal is to provide a seamless online shopping experience where disputes are solved fairly through a DAO system.

More About The Three Protocol

This project does more than just address the symptoms. It tackles real problems faced by traditional online markets. By getting rid of KYC requirements,  the Three Protocol hopes to make it easier to buy in e-commerce shops for the unbanked, debanked, and crypto spenders. Additionally,  users will have personalized recommendations with its advanced AI – blockchain model. 

In short, The Three Protocol aims to provide a secure and innovative platform where all people can buy or sell within communities. This is powered by distributed ledgers.  

Recent Updates
  1. On April 22nd, the project unveiled its extensive roadmap: 
    • Various AMAs.
    • Rust on-chain smart contracts.
    • Launch of Jobs3 portal.
    • Development of decentralized platforms challenging big names like Fiverr,  eBay, and Uber.
    • $THREE Launch on 29th April.

  1. May 1st – Contract Renounced.
    • No Tax forever.
    • No Whitelist.
    • No Blacklist.
    • No Maximum buy
  1. May 2nd – Bitget Wallet now lists $THREE.
    • Major Web3 corporations are noticing the token just 2 days post-launch 
  1. May 3rd – Team Tokens Locked.
    • Three Protocol team locked 15% of supply for 18 months in an audited public Real Floki Inu locker, totaling over $3.5m worth of liquidity in just two days.

These updates prove its commitment to transparency, as well as empowering users while also taking an innovative approach towards creating inclusive virtual marketplaces.



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