ELLIPAL Titan Review

Unboxing the ELLIPAL Titan is reminiscent of a premium cell phone unboxing. The sleek appearance, packaging, and presentation gives this product a rich, strong impression. For the future (and present) crypto millionaires, this thing looks and feels like money.

So, I’ve covered the previous generation of this device and was thoroughly impressed. Now, ELLIPAL is shipping its brand new product – the ELLIPAL TITAN.


So what’s new?

First, the most obvious upgrade is the improved durability and quality of this device. A beefed-up IP65-rated metal casing protects the internals of this device. Second, there is no longer a removable back plate – it appears that ELLIPAL has been listening to the concerns of their consumers. Firmware updates are still done offline, using a microSD card; however, the micro USB and microSD slots are on a detachable “security adapter.” If you are curious about how this works, let me know in the comments. Third, this device is completely sealed and tamper proof. If someone manages to break the screen or pry this thing apart, it will “self destruct” (yeah, it makes me feel like James Bond).

ELLIPAL Security Adapter

Favorite features?

My favorite features of the ELLIPAL Titan are many. I appreciate the multiple layers of protection (password, swipe lock, scanning QR codes, etc.). I like the fact that it will “auto-wipe” (factory reset) the device if there are too many failed attempts at trying to access it. The way this device is designed to “self destruct” if physically breached feels like something from the future.

The ELLIPAL Titan is elegant, yet rugged. The IP65 rating means it is dust and water-resistant. The full-screen display enables a pleasant experience when keeping track of the many supported coins on this device. There is also a great companion app for your phone that has some great features of its own – possibly my most favorite ones.
“ELLIPAL Finance” offers a built-in exchange (through Changelly or SWFT), Binance DEX, and a product where you have the “option to automatically accumulate interest.” There is also a mention of staking, and I will be looking into this to share more information later on down the road.


One of the biggest features of the ELLIPAL Titan is something I have yet to mention. The inherent design and focus on a mobile-oriented experience puts it ahead of the competitors in my book. You don’t need a computer, or wires or cords. All you need is the device and your cell phone. Also, the ability to host multiple hot and cold wallets between the device and the mobile app makes the ELLIPAL Titan more versatile than its competitors. It can be your security vault, locked away in some secret place of your house; or toss it in your bag and make it your travel buddy while you’re on the road. The overall design and user experience has an essence of sweet simplicity that just works. This device is actually enjoyable to use, and I kind of want to call it – dare I say – the Apple of crypto hardware?

Is it worth upgrading?

The ELLIPAL Titan’s new design and quality is very robust and durable. It is unable to be opened up or tampered with (unlike the previous generation). We can clearly see the effort put into this product and the focus on physical security. Based on the added security alone, I would go ahead and make the upgrade. Some additional benefits of making it include a sexier device. Plus, they offer a significant discount (50% OFF!) for those who are upgrading from the previous generation ELLIPAL 2.0 Cold Wallet.

The only dislike that I could find about this product is the micro-USB charging port. I’m already carrying cables for USB-C and Lightning, and don’t want to carry extra. It’s just a small nit-pick, and it’s not like you’ll need to be charging this thing every day anyway (you won’t be using it as often as your phone).

If you are updating from the previous generation ELLIPAL Wallet, here is a great walk-through video from ELLIPAL: Updating ELLIPAL Titan – Tutorial

Final Thoughts

This thing is SLICK! It reminds me of my favorite traditional wallet by BANKR BRAND (for storing cards and cash). When I interact with my money, or even THINK about it, I want to “feel like a million bucks.” These two brands do just that. For fiat storage, I choose BANKR; for crypto storage, I choose ELLIPAL.

If you feel that itch to get it, just go ahead and pull the trigger (you know you want it)! As of this writing, the ELLIPAL TITAN is going for $169 USD on their website. You can also get the ELLIPAL Metal Mnemonics bundled together for an additional $29 USD. This is definitely a worthy investment.


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