Helium Mobile Introduces $20 Unlimited Group Plans

This new feature lets up to eight people enjoy unlimited data, talk, and text for just $20 each per month.

Helium Mobile, eliminating data sharing and contracts, positions itself as the top choice for mobile service. It offers both value and convenience for groups.

Helium Mobile: Unlimited Group Plans Without Contracts

Group Plans by Helium Mobile are designed with simplicity and cost-effectiveness in mind. Unlike traditional family plans that often involve complex terms and data-sharing agreements, Helium’s offering is simpler. Each member enjoys their own pool of unlimited data. This means no more worrying about overages or uneven data consumption among group members. It makes Helium Mobile an ideal choice for friends and family who use their phones differently.

The pricing structure is straightforward: each member pays $20 monthly, and everyone gets to enjoy the same great service. This flat rate includes unlimited talk, text, and data, which can lead to substantial savings compared to individual plans on the market. For instance, a group of eight would collectively pay only $160 per month, a rate hard to match with separate plans, especially considering the unlimited data provision.

Moreover, these plans come without the hassle of contracts, giving consumers freedom from long-term commitments and the flexibility to change or leave the plan as they see fit. To access these Group Plans, users are required to update their Helium Mobile application to the latest version, 1.10.0.

More About Helium Mobile

Helium Mobile is introducing Boosted Locations in Los Angeles and New York City. The goal is to enhance network coverage and performance. By deploying Helium Mobile Hotspots in these states, users can earn additional MOBILE rewards.

This initiative not only incentivizes the expansion of the network but also strengthens connectivity in regions where robust mobile service is most crucial.



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