Top 4 Trading Bots for Solana on Telegram

Before now, crypto traders would spend hours on screen, ensuring they did not miss taking profit at a particular point.

When bots were introduced, traders set profit points at different intervals and made money from their trades. Let’s explore four Solana trading bots and their unique features. But first, let’s see more about Solana trading bots on Telegram.

Trading Bots for Solana on Telegram

Solana trading bots on Telegram are software built on Telegram to simplify trading. Before now, you’d have to connect to a DEX and endure much stress to swap tokens. With trading bots, swapping happens directly, and the tokens get to your wallet when you take trades.

With Solana trading bots, you only need to copy and paste the token address of the token you want to buy. The token information will appear alongside a link to Dexscreener reflecting the token’s FDV and much more. Let’s check them out.

1) BONKbot

BONKbot is a crypto trading bot for the Solana blockchain. It is easy to navigate, and newbies can understand it without a particular manual. Bonkbot operates on Solana network DEXs like Jupiter. It helps users get the best prices from different DEXs. 

According to recent reviews, BONKbot has over $5 billion in trading volume and over 300,000 new users. BONKbot is associated with Solana’s memecoin, BONK. Its unique feature takes a small percentage of trading fees to buy and reduces BONK’s circulating tokens, reducing their supply.

Bonkbot is user-friendly. You do not need to crack a code to use it. Bonkbot is swift in executing transactions and protecting against front-running. A favorite feature of most BONKbot users is the ‘Token Alerts’ channel. This feature lets you track tokens using market trends and immediately take trades. To use BONKbot, you need to:

  • Get the link on BONKbot’s Telegram.
  • Activate the bot.
  • Use the bot’s wallet or import yours.
  • Deposit SOL into the bot’s wallet or your imported wallet.
  • To take trades, paste the token address in BONKbot, and you’ll see simple instructions for carrying out your trades.
  • Choose the ‘sell and manage’ option when you want to make a profit.
  • You can select any percentage of your token you wish to sell, from 25% to 50%, 70%, or any rate you want.

You can also refer friends to BONKbot. If you do so, you earn a percentage of their trading fees.

2) Trojan On Solana

Trojan On Solana is another user-friendly telegram trading bot. It recorded over $36 million in trading volume and an additional 3,000 new users. Trojan has features like copy trading and limit orders. It also has an upcoming LP sniper feature for locating new assets. To get started with Trojan on Solana, you need to:

  • Visit Trojan in its Telegram.
  • Activate it and import your wallet. Or create a new one on Trojan.
  • Copy and paste a token’s address on Trojan.
  • Set the buy amount and confirm your profit limit.

Trojan also has gas fees, like regular transaction charges. No fears; it’s not the Ethereum blockchain. An extra feature is the referral offer. Refer your friends to Trojan On Solana, and they will get a discount. You also get a fair cut from their fees.

3) Shuriken

Speaking of versatility, Shuriken tops the list. Shuriken is a multi-chain trading bot. The key to staying at the top is to diversify and not be a single-chain maxi. Shuriken’s trading bot has an ‘airdrop farming mechanism’ that allows users to accumulate STAR’ which they can convert to $blade: Shuriken’s native token.

Shuriken has two distinct features that make trading cost-effective. They are ‘Auto Group Sniper’ and ‘Auto Max Limit Adjustment.’ These features allow you to automate several functions.

Shuriken bot is changing the trading experience. You can also use functions like buy order and stop loss levels. To access it, you need to:

  • Visit Shiruken’s Telegram.
  • Activate the bot.
  • Set up your wallet, and you can start taking trades.
  • Copy and paste the token address you want to buy into the bot.
  • Enter the amount you wish to buy the token and confirm your transaction.
  • To take profit, select the sell option and choose to sell a particular percentage or all of it.

You can also get support for any trading-related issue on the Shuriken bot. Customer satisfaction is Shuriken’s top priority. There is also a referral option for extra rewards and discounts. Have fun exploring a versatile trading bot that prioritizes your satisfaction.

4) Sonic Sniper BOT 

Sonic Sniper BOT started on Discord before exploring Telegram’s functionalities. Sonic is an efficient trading tool for the Solana blockchain. The feature that drives Sonic Sniper BOT is its native token, $SONIC.  Here are its features: 

  • Tokens track: It gives traders insights on new launches and token information. This feature gives them an edge and enables them to make informed trading decisions.
  • Automation: With Sonic, you can automate many tasks; time is everything. Sonic’s automation function allows you to get busy with decision-making while it handles your trades.
  • Reward system: It allows you to earn extra cash. When you refer friends, you receive a 25% commission on their transaction fees.

To use Sonic Sniper BOT, you need to:

  • Check its official Telegram.
  • Set the bot for use.
  • Import your previous wallet or open a new one using the bot.
  • Take trades and make profits.

Trading bots were introduced to make the trading process much more manageable. We focused on Solana trading bots because the Solana ecosystem has been shaking things up in the crypto space with the rise in meme coins. These four trading bots should be helpful when you want to start trading Solana tokens.



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