BEST Free To Play Crypto Game + IQ Protocol | $1000+ Prize Pool

BEST CRYPTO GAME + NFT RENTING. This is one of my favorite combinations especially when you can win up to $1,000.

I am even more excited because the game is one of the best web3 shooter games around and I can rent the NFTs to play it for a fraction of the asset price. Sometimes even for free. Let me share the exact details with you about IQ Protocol.

#1: Citizen Conflict

First things first, though, let me get you up to date about Citizen Conflict. There have been plenty of developments and updates. For instance, the game is now on V4. This is:

  • Better optimized
  • Has a new dashboard
  • Offers new and improved weapons
  • It also offers better movement
  • There’s a new FX for explosions, smoke, gadgets, and more.

Citizen Conflict is free to play and offers you the best of two worlds. The competitive heat is symptomatic of the esports game modes. It brings blockchain innovations to the masses. More on this shortly.  

The game has an immersive storyline. This includes three antagonistic syndicates and captivating heroes. They wage an endless war for dominance. The game will also scale its futuristic dystopian design to the top. It will offer tons of futuristic vehicles, planes, and supernatural equipment.


Citizen Conflict is part of the QORPO WORLD company. They built Citizen Conflict and have more games in the pipeline. Now, QORPO WORLD wants to become the quality benchmark for the web3 game ecosystem. This should include listings on tier 1 exchanges. With QORPO WORLD, they intend to build Steam for Web3. 

So, they’re a gaming platform where you can download any game with just one ID. This makes your gaming life convenient. For example:

  • It handles your transactions.
  • You can join tournaments there.
  • See your name on leaderboards,
  • Find out about new upcoming games.
  • Have conversations with other gamers.
  • Post reviews, and much more. 

It really is an all-in-one Web3 gaming platform. It makes Web3 innovations accessible to Web2 players. But, most importantly, it simplifies blockchain for Web3 users. They offer, for instance, besides what I already mentioned:

  • An NFT market.
  • Your Web3 wallet.
  • A voting system.
  • Top-tier games, and more.
A Busy October IRL Schedule

They had and have a lot going on in October. For example:

  • They attended an Esports tournament in Vietnam. This tournament saw over 20,000 students and 128 professional esports teams!
  • Or how about an epic on-chain raffle campaign in collaboration with external partners? 
  • There was the launch of their first Battle Pass season. 
  • And there was also a lootbox campaign for Citizen Conflict. 
  • We saw the introduction of player-driven crafting. This is an economic innovation rarely seen in web3 before. For instance, you can generate or trade skins, and even earn royalties. 
  • They also consolidated all their on-chain metrics under one link on DappRadar. This allows you to track their growth.

Their mission is to build a web3 gaming ecosystem that can compete with Gala Games. This includes IPs that position them to dominate the Esports market. Like equal to Shrapnel or Metalcore. All this, combined, will drive long-term growth for their $QORPO token. This native token connects all their games and the ecosystem.

#3: IQ Protocol and the Giveaway

IQ Protocol has been making waves with the NFT rental concept. We have already made a few videos about this. Now they’re back with a cool giveaway campaign with Citizen Conflict. This campaign started on October 19th at 3 pm UTC and ends on the 31st of October 3pm UTC. 

The prizes add up to $1,000. The best part is that it’s totally free to enter. Remember that IQ is a gas-less experience? So, there are zero transaction fees. All you need is an empty wallet. Here’s the breakdown,

  • 1 x Syndicate hero ($200 each)

Put your hands on the “Citizen Conflict: Syndicate Heroes” NFT collection. These are the heroes and villains of Ether Islands. They determine the future of their dystopian fates. QORPO built them with state-of-art 3D creation engines. 

This collection brings the Citizen Conflict heroes to your social media profile. They allow you to leave your mark on the futuristic dystopia portrayed in Citizen Conflict. 5 At the same time, you can show your hero on your social media. The ‘Become the Citizen’ avatars are rare NFTs full of premium utilities.

So, get in there, get your hands dirty, buy, and enjoy the collection. Next season Crypto Guilds will have quests with more than $10k in rewards. Keep an eye out for next week’s announcement. That’s in collaboration with IQ Protocol. 

And this wraps it up for today. Did you play any of the games with rented NFTs from IQ? If so, let me know which game you played. 

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