Part of the Web3 infrastructure and backbone all projects need are integrations. These integrations can be adding an entire chain to use your protocol, or maybe you want the most popular wallets to be able to access your dApp easily. PARSIQ is one of the leaders in this type of Web3 infrastructure.

The truth is developers of blockchain projects LOVE PARSIQ and its products. Every project needs these integrations and other ways to communicate with other projects, apps, and tools. PARSIQ has 2 powerful API solutions to many of these problems.

In this article, we will look at 5 specific use cases for when projects benefit by using PARSIQ’s tools.

Get Wallet Endpoint API

PARSIQ uses APIs to reach these goals. They have 2 main products:

  1. The Tsunami API
  2. And Data Lakes

Both help projects get what they need. Like fast wallet data access.

PARSIQ’s Get Wallet Endpoint API lets a crypto project like a portfolio tracker get wallet data FAST. This is without having to resort to searching Etherscan or other block explorers to find what they have you holding at your wallet address.

When your app relies on fast wallet data so users can get the best experience, speed counts. And PARSIQ’s API here is fast.

Aside from being fast, this wallet endpoint is ONLY for wallets to use. This makes it simpler, more efficient, and less likely to break or get bugs in it when your app’s users need this data.

Fast and Accurate Data for DeFi

While we talked about speed already, what most apps need is both fast AND accurate data. In the example in this article, you can see that this yield aggregator needs data fast. They track things like quickly changing balances in liquidity pools as well as monitoring for unusual events. For example, if a hack should happen, the faster the developer team knows, the better. And the safer your funds are.

Or what about if there are mass withdrawals from a liquidity pool? It could be something or it could be nothing. But PARSIQ monitors this for dApps so dev teams know and can act accordingly.

Instant Blockchain Data for AI Feeds

AI is using up so much computing power right now. There’s a chip war going on to create enough fast, powerful chips for AI use. Especially for rendering images. But what about when a large language model (LLM) needs to search for images when a user asks ChatGPT or Claude a question? For builders of AI and AI-supported apps, you need fast access to blockchain data if your users are using ChatGPT as a querying system.

With near-instant info on many chains and different API or endpoint access points, AI apps have tons of data at their fingertips. And that’s just what users want.

Improving UX in Blockchain Gaming

Games need fast integrations too. After all, they often have to integrate:

  • Wallets
  • more than one chain
  • account IDs
  • and access to player weapons & equipment. 

And it all has to be fast. If a player is attacked in the game and has to wait 2 minutes to access his sword to fight back, then that’s too late.

He’s dead.

All this data needs to be available and accessible fast. Without it, blockchain games will never be able to compete with fast Web2 legacy games. With it, they can get Web2 gamers to come over and try a blockchain game.

Blockchain “App Store” Data 

PARSIQ has a new partnership with Magic Square. In this partnership, PARSIQ tools help this app store improve the user experience. With better navigation and easier searching and indexing, users can find the app they want fast. After all, searching an app store for a game or other dApp is not that different from other types of queries that PARSIQ specializes in. But in this case, these searches are essential to Magic Square’s success.


You probably noticed we talked about speed a lot in this article. Users want things fast so development teams have to deliver them fast. In this way, what developers need and what users need isn’t so different.

It’s easy to forget especially if you are not technical that blockchain data is just a series of ones and zeroes. It takes a lot to organize this data and make it accessible for a DeFi app or a game. But it’s something that has to happen for larger-scale adoption. The Uniswaps and Axie Infinitys of the world are not competing against other DeFi and gaming platforms. They are competing against the established Web2 legacy versions of these things. And PARSIQ’s infrastructure is giving them the tools they need to fight and win.

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