Top Crypto News: 07/30

After making a daily high of $40,459, Bitcoin is now trading at $39,080. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency Ethereum is trading close to $2,355.

Let’s review some interesting crypto news stories for the day.

1- Launched First-Ever NFT Trading Race with $15,000 Worth of CRO Reward Tokens has announced its first NFT trading race. As per the tweet, the team has allocated USD 15,000 worth of CRO tokens as rewards. is one of the fastest-growing crypto apps, along with its Visa Card, DeFi Wallet, and more. Recently launched its NFT platform and launched exclusive NFTs of Formula One teams, leagues, and more.

Further, to boost this platform team has started this NFT Trading Race. The 1st rank winner will get USD 2,000 worth of CRO. Notably, this trading competition starts on 30th July 2021 and ends on 13th August 2021. The team will randomly select 100 users depending on their NFT trading score. In order to get eligible for this campaign, users need to connect their NFT and App accounts before August 13, 2021.

2- Demodyfi Launched its Staking & Liquidity Pool with Lucrative Rewards

Demodyfi has declared the launch of its staking and liquidity pool. As per the tweet, users can stake DMOD to earn $DMOD tokens on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Further, the team has allocated a total of 3,915,000 DMOD tokens as rewards.

Demodyfi is an automated market maker platform that delivers decentralized financial services in a fully decentralized network. As stated, both BSC and Ethereum chain will receive a reward allocation of 20000 DMOD tokens per pool in the first month, which will be reduced by 500 every month/epoch. Notably, this staking will start on 2nd August 2021. More details regarding this liquidity pool can be found here.

3- Cartesi Unveils to Launch Its On-Chain Rollups on Testnet

Cartesi is set to launch its On-Chain Rollups for testnet. As per the official blog, rollups are a technique to design smart contracts efficiently by creating their own rules. Besides this, Cartesi Rollups would deliver scalability and a swift ecosystem for smart contracts.

Cartesi is a multi-chain Layer 2 infrastructure that empowers developers to build smart contracts with mainstream software tools and languages. Further, these On-Chain Rollups will help to streamline the dispute resolution process. Which will further boost the adoption of Cartesi platform and its Rollups.

4- IOI Game | PAID Network Giving away NFT Bundles Worth of 1000 $IOI

The IOI Game in collaboration with PAID Network has introduced an IOI token giveaway. The IOI Game named Trade Race Manager is an NFT trading game. While PAID Network endeavors to simplify the business contract, litigation, and settlement processes through its DeFi-powered SMART Agreements.

As stated, users need to register before the 1st of August to participate in this competition. The team will randomly select 10 affiliates during this contest. Furthermore, winners will get a chance to win NFT bundles worth 1000 $IOI.

5- Sentinel | StrongBlock Partnership to Launch Boost Node Ecosystem & Expand dVPN Utility

In the last bit of crypto news for today, we have Sentinel partnering with StrongBlock to boost the node ecosystem and expand dVPN utility. As per the tweet, with this coalition Sentinel will strengthen the node ecosystem of StrongBlock across blockchain protocols while rewarding them for running nodes.

The Sentinel Network is a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) bandwidth marketplace. While StrongBlock provides tools to monetize node operation, employing DeFi protocols and NFTs to incentivize the node community. Hence, both teams work together to invite like-minded people across the globe to participate in its Ambassador Program. Further, this will help to expand the network and develop communities.

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