4 Altcoins with MASSIVE Upcoming Pump - Don't Miss These in November 2023!

Uptober was a relief. But that may be nothing compared to November. Traditionally, November has been one of the best months for crypto during the past 13 years. Bitcoin broke through the $35,000 barrier again today.

Is it possible that we entered the early stages of a bull market? If we look at Miles Deutscher’s chart, we may well be. Are we in the disbelief stage? Either way, my research team and I found some altcoins to keep an eye out for in November. So, let’s hit the road, and see what I have for you.

1) Injective (INJ)

So, my first pick of today’s altcoins for November is Injective (INJ). Since mid-October, INJ has been on fire. It went from $7.34 to its current price of $14.55. That’s a x2 right there, or a 78% price increase. Year-to-date, it’s up almost 500%. But, let me explain what Injective is. It’s an app chain on the Cosmos Hub. So, it’s part of the IBC. Last week I did a video on Cosmos, and Injective was part of it. 

Now, app chains, are specifically built for apps. They benefit throughput and scalability. Injective allows devs to plug and play their modules. This comes with very fast speeds, and it doesn’t charge any gas fees.

Injective specializes in financial apps. It’s built for finance. So, you find DEXes, asset management protocols, and so forth on it. However, Injective also offers NFT marketplaces. NFTs in general are down. In contrast, Injective offers a small, but bustling NFT scene.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, that the platform is DeFi heavy. It’s also interoperable. First, of course, in the IBC, but also with EVM chains. Expect more upward gains for Injective during November. It could well melt some faces.

2) Mina Protocol (MINA)

And that leads me to my second altcoins pick for today, Mina Protocol. It’s the world’s lightest blockchain. Everybody can run a node, straight from their phone. Check out my latest video on Mina. An average blockchain is about 300 GB. Ethereum is 1300+GB. Every hour, sometimes even every minute or second, they produce new blocks. So, all these chains continue to grow as well. For example, Ethereum grew by 32% compared to last year.

On the other hand, Mina is only 22kb and that’s a fixed size. So, instead of storing the complete chain, Mina nodes only store a small part. On the downside, it has a TPS of only 22. That’s transaction per second. This makes it a rather slow chain. However, the chain is active, and its devs keep building.

Mina focuses on privacy and uses ZKPs for this. That’s zero-knowledge proof, and it uses zk-SNARKS for this. With this, it wants to offer a worldwide payment system.

The MINA token has been doing well recently. Since mid-October, it’s been up by well over 50%. There appears to be much more upside possible where that came from.

3) Chainlink (LINK)

So we arrive at the third choice of altcoins I picked for this month. It’s an oldie as well. Does the nickname ‘marines’ ring a bell? Right, I’m talking about Chainlink. And LINK holders are often referred to as marines. At times, we could also call them submarines. That’s because the token didn’t perform as well as I or other people expected.

But these days seem over, at least for now. From May 2022 until late October this year, Link only saw sideways action until two weeks ago. I posted a video on LINK, a week before that. 

Since that time, LINK has gone up by 50%. I, and many people here at Altcoin Buzz, have a soft spot for Chainlink. So, we’re delighted to see this pump. The current $11.20 price is hopefully the start of this upward LINK move.

Chainlink is still the number 1 oracle in the crypto space. An oracle supplies blockchains with off-chain information. That’s crucial since blockchains can’t do this by themselves. That’s where oracles come into play. It also shows how important oracles are for the blockchain space.


This brings me to my last altcoins pick of the day, DYDX. This is one of the leading perpetuals exchanges. By TVL, it’s only surpassed by GMX. Check my recent video on DYDX. So, DYDX did something that a lot more apps should do! It left Ethereum and went to find a new home on the Cosmos Hub for its V4. Usually, it’s the other way around. Protocols moving to Ethereum. 

DYDX went from a layer 2 chain on top of Ethereum, to a native layer 1 on Cosmos. The Cosmos Hub offered a more decentralized environment. But also a higher throughput and an SDK that’s developer-friendly played a role. 

Currently, only the exchange is live on a testnet. However, the layer 1 chain will launch soon enough. The token migration from Ethereum to Cosmos is in full swing. You can already stake your DYDX on the Cosmos Hub.

Currently, DYDX has a TVL of $384 million. We see a light increase in their TVL. 8A The exchange claims $26.5 billion in volume during October. 

This goes hand in hand with their DYDX token price uptick. During the past two weeks, that was 29%. However, if we look back 1 year, it’s 50.7%. This may just have been the right move by DYDX at the right time.

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