$6.1 BN Celestia Airdrop! OVERvalued or UNDERrated Crypto?

60 Million token airdrop worth $6.1 Billion. Wow, that’s massive! But that is only the possible worth of TIA airdrop because TIA Futures have been trading at $3.15 ahead of its token listing on Binance, KuCoin, and ByBit today. 

Heartiest congrats to those who received the Celestia airdrop aka free money. At what price point should you exit? And what about someone who didn’t get the airdrop? Should you buy $TIA now? What would be the best price to buy $TIA? Is it an overhyped or an undervalued potential project? This article has all the answers!!

The Celestia Airdrop

On October 31st, at 2 pm UTC, the Celestia mainnet went live. The first-ever block it produces is the Genesis block. This Genesis block will distribute the TIA token airdrop to all eligible claimants. You will automatically receive your tokens in your wallets. 

This is what the Keplr Wallet said on X: “Your TIA airdrop will show up in your Keplr wallet as soon as Celestia mainnet launches. Make sure to enable Celestia in the chain visibility menu once it goes live.”

For example, KuCoin, Bybit, OKX, or Bitget will launch TIA at the same time as the mainnet launch. However, the big news is that Binance will also launch the TIA token. Binance launches 2 hours after the mainnet launch.

Alpha Group and Celestia Info

Now I show you something that we posted in our Alpha group. You may want to join this group. For only $15 per month, you receive calls, trades, airdrop information, and much more. OTC deals show that $TIA will list at $2. (currently at $3). However, with the new Binance information, this may go up by a dollar or two.

Arbitrum and Optimism have a $1.2 Billion marketcap. So, Celestia will have a total supply of 1 billion TIA at Genesis. That means a fully diluted marketcap of $2 Billion. This marketcap is highly overvalued and is likely to dip as vesting begins. 33% of the tokens belong to VCs, and these will contribute to the selling pressure.

Celestia, however, is likely to emulate the performance of APT. This means there will be a listing pump, followed by a 50-60% correction and sideways movement afterward. Any price above $4 is good to take profit, and if you see a listing pump of 60% or more, sell your tokens immediately.

Else, sell tokens in 4 parts of 25%:

  1. First 25% at the time of listing. 
  2. Second at the first pump (Usually in a day). 
  3. Third, within one week. And if the token is finding support at $2. 
  4. Hold the last portion for the bull run.

Of course, if you decide to keep any part of your TIA tokens, remember that you can stake them as well.

Is Celestia Currently Overhyped or Underrated?

The fully diluted market cap of the TIA token is overvalued. I mentioned already, that most likely, the value will dip. However, especially during the first moments of trading, we can expect a higher price. This may increase once Binance joins the trading party.

So, don’t get me wrong, Celestia is a good and solid project. However, if the TIA price goes as high as $10 or more, it’s an overrated price. At such a price, sell and buy back once the dust settles and the TIA price is more stable.

To recap this, the project is maybe underrated, but we may see an overrated token price. That’s due to the current excitement about the launch and Celestia airdrop.

What Is Celestia?

Celestia is a modular blockchain. It’s purpose-built to host ZK-rollups. Vitalik Buterin has shown interest in Celestia. It calls the Cosmos Hub its home. Other modular blockchains include, for example:

  • Arbitrum.
  • Optimism.
  • ZK Sync.
  • Starknet.
  • Scroll.

A modular blockchain doesn’t do everything itself, like a monolithic chain. Blockchain needs, for instance: Consensus, execution, and settlement. Also, a modular blockchain outsources at least one of these three components. These tasks go to an external chain. For example, Celestia orders and publishes transactions. However, it doesn’t execute them.

There are many new developments and announcements with Celestia. That’s, of course, besides their mainnet launch. 

So, it looks like Celestia has some essence to it, not only a pretty face, so to speak.

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