Jupiter Exchange Restores Airdrops to Hacked Wallets

This extensive effort involved a meticulous manual review of 10,000 appeals.

The issue came to light in January when it was discovered that several community members had fallen victim to wallet hacks. Let’s discover more about this news from Jupiter.

Intensive Review of 10,000 Appeals

These members faced the stark possibility of missing out on their much-anticipated airdrop. Jupiter Exchange quickly acted to rectify losses for its users, recognizing the situation’s severity.

Jupiter Exchange has tirelessly reallocated 4 million JUP tokens to rightful owners recently. This was no small feat. This rigorous process was essential not only in ensuring fairness but also in maintaining the integrity of the distribution process.

The successful reallocation has had a significant impact on the community, especially for the “Catdets”. This is a term affectionately used for the newer members of the Jupiter Exchange community. Thanks to the reallocation, these 1,000 Catdets are now able to actively participate in staking their $JUP tokens. More importantly, They’ve regained voting rights on DAO proposals, crucial for community engagement and decision-making.

More About Jupiter Exchange

Jupiter Exchange is excited to announce the kickoff of the Jupiter Trial Working Groups (WGs). Next week marks the beginning of votes for three new trial working groups aimed at enhancing the platform’s operations and community involvement.

In preparation for this significant step, this week, Meow will conduct separate interviews with the leaders of these working groups during the Discord Town Halls. These sessions are designed to give the community insight into the goals and plans of each group, setting the stage for informed voting and active participation.



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