Tether has reportedly invested $200 million in neural implant company, Blackrock Neurotech.

This investment comes as part of the company’s restructuring. And plans to expand to other frontiers.

Tether’s $200M Investment in Blackrock Neurotech Expands Horizons

The investment also makes Tether a major stakeholder in Neurotech. The investment was allegedly made through Tether’s venture capital division Tether Evo. Blackrock Neurotech is a huge player in human brain-computer-interface (BCI) technology. 

The company helps build devices that respond to brain signals. These medical devices are geared towards assisting individuals with neurological disorders and paralysis. Blackrock’s devices have enabled patients to send messages, operate robotic arms, move around with wheelchairs, surf the internet, and drive cars using brain signals. 

One of Blackrock Neurotech’s patients, Nathan Copeland, historically used one of their devices to share a fist bump with former US President, Barack Obama. So, Tether’s $200 million investment will help spread some of BlackRock’s tested devices and expand its market. The funds will also help improve BlackRock’s medical research and keep them at the forefront of the industry. 

Reaction to the Partnership

Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino, said in a statement: “Tether has long believed in nurturing emerging technologies that have transformative capabilities, and the Brain-Computer-Interfaces of Blackrock Neurotech have the potential to open new realms of communication, rehabilitation, and cognitive enhancement.”

“Blackrock Neurotech represents a leap towards a future where technology not only complements but enhances our human experience, and we at Tether are proud to begin this journey with them,” he added. 

Similarly, Blackrock Neurotech co-founder Florian Solzbacher hailed Tether as a visionary partner. He said, “With its (Blackrock’s) commitment to seeking out and nurturing technology that will help many people and push mankind forward, we couldn’t dream of a better partner than Tether to bring our shared vision to life.”

The investment comes amidst Tether’s organizational expansion. The firm recently launched new divisions to cater to different industries and interests. 

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