4 Top Altcoin Gaming Gems

In this article, I will discuss some hot coins, tokens, gems, or events that are coming up. Coins that could pump hard. Or how about having a massive capital infusion on the way?

Others may have explosive updates coming their way. So, what have I mentioned plenty of times on this channel? Be there early! Well, these are early opportunities in these gems.

1) Decimated (DIO)

If you have been following this channel, you know we mention blockchain gaming a lot. That’s a vertical that’s expected to do very well during this bull run. That’s why you will find a couple of gaming-related gems here today. 

Decimated (DIO) is the first one. It’s a post-apocalyptic survival game. As a bonus, it has some cool cyberpunk elements as well. They have a closed alpha testnet opening on 20th December. So, only a few weeks ago.

What does this mean? It’s not only showtime, for the testnet, but more importantly, it’s test time. Grab this opportunity and test the game and the platform. It’s their latest version. So, join their Discord and get in. 

Now you have the opportunity to help with the game development. The devs are waiting for feedback. On the other hand, this may also give a great opportunity for the DIO token. It currently sits at $0.04 with a market cap of only $16.5 million. The token is up this year by 587%. This is as good as it gets.

2) Beam (BEAM)

Beam is about privacy. That’s another vertical that I expect to do well in this bull run. Beam is one of its gems. The project dates back to 2018. Their mainnet went live in January 2019. However, their BEAM token didn’t launch until October last year. Beam combines innovation with elegance. It uses a hybrid solution and uses 2 protocols for this:

  • Mimblewimble: This protocol is privacy-oriented. It also adds scalability. 
  • LelantusMW: This is a shielded pool. It burns the old coin and creates a new one without history or links.

The platform is also knee-deep into gaming. However, it will also join the DeFi space. This comes with a confidential DEX. 

It also offers an NFT marketplace and there’s a Beam Wallet. This wallet gives you full advantage of their privacy and confidential options.  So, you will need this wallet. A standard EVM wallet won’t be able to deal with all the confidential transactions.

With the release of their token, a new chapter has started for Beam. Their former token, Merit Circle (MC) migrated to BEAM. Over the last 30 days, it’s up by 130%. Many things are happening and there’s more in the pipeline.

3) Shrapnel (SHRAP) Avalanche Gaming

Avalanche managed to get into the spotlight recently. Two factors currently set Avalanche apart:

Let’s stick with gaming for now. You should know by now that the gaming space should do well during the bull run. 

Well, Avalanche is all geared up to be a top contender in this space. Their current most trending game is Shrapnel. If you like futuristic shoot-’em-up games, you’re in the right spot. It’s also known as a first-person shooter or FPS game.

So, to clarify, this is not the Avalanche game with the highest market cap. However, it’s the hottest game right now. It also has its own token, SHRAP. This launched recently, in early November. It’s now up by 78% over the last 30 days. It’s an AAA game and the team has solid backgrounds, For example, Xbox, HBO, or EA. 

But, there’s more brewing in the Avalanche kitchen. The next game, that could take the hot seat, hasn’t launched yet. That’s ‘Off the Grid‘. This is a Battle Royale game for up to 150 players. It offers storylines for PvP (Player vs. player) and PvE (Player vs. environment).

4) Midnight Network (DUST) Airdrop on Cardano

The Midnight Network is about data protection. It sees privacy as a fundamental right. It’s not the only one who thinks and says so. The platform accommodates developers to build data-protective Dapps. For this, the platform uses zk-technology. In other words, it transacts user data but doesn’t reveal or share it. It also uses a modular network. 

It calls Cardano its home since that’s where they are building. Charles Hoskinson, the Cardano founder, is supportive of the network. It was during the recent Cardano summit that Midnight announced an airdrop.  This summit was in November in Dubai. The announcement stated that all ADA holders qualify for this airdrop.

That will be their DUST token. On 13th November, Midnight launched their devnet. Among others, it’s testing the DUST token (tDUST). DUST is their unshielded token. There will also be a shielded token. A date for the airdrop isn’t confirmed yet. However, my guess is the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2024.

Ever since the Cardano summit, the SDA token has been on an upward trend. This DUST airdrop may also be a catalyst, among others. Keep an eye out on ADA, it may well be on to something. Let me know if you know or like any of these projects. Leave a comment below.


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