2023 was a year with plenty of ups and downs. For most of the year, we found ourselves in a bear market in alts. However, IQ Protocol never lost faith and kept building. They launched their NFT marketplace last year and took it from there.

So, now we look back and see what IQ Protocol accomplished in 2023.

IQ Protocol Launched their NFT Marketplace

IQ Protocol is an NFT marketplace. But, with a twist! They’re not your average, everyday NFT marketplace, but instead, you can rent NFTs. These rental NFTs come in the form of wrapped NFTs. Whilst the original NFT remains safely in your wallet, the wrapped NFT can earn you rewards.

You can rent the wrapped NFT out and enjoy a passive income stream. Another option is that somebody uses your valuable NFTs for special events. Or how about renting your NFTs out for the metaverse? These wrapped NFTs build, for example, the metaverse, making your NFT more valuable.

For the renter, if they play their NFTs right, they generate more income compared to the rent they pay. All possible on the IQ market. We wrote an article about the NFT marketplace launch and our GM, Ani, held an AMA.

IQ Protocol

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Game Integrations

IQ Protocol also puts their money where their mouth is. In other words, they had plenty of game integrations. So, let’s take a look at these game integrations.

Red Village — This launched together with the IQ market in June. No less than Animoca backed this game. That’s a serious big-league player, right there. If you took part, you could have won up to $35,000. The best part is that you didn’t need any collateral or pay for gas fees. You could rent an NFT, play the game, all with an empty wallet. Here’s the video we did on Red Village.

Universus — The second game that IQ Protocol welcomed into its partnerships. You could rent the Universus NFTs on the IQ market. Once you had an NFT, you could play games on the Universus platform. There was a $2,400 raffle followed by a $6,000 Clash of the Titans player tournament. 

Crypto Guilds — This was next in line, in August. You can rent out your NFT collections and decide on how you want to split the gains with the renter. But first, you need to buy a box with an NFT Hero from Crypto Guilds. There was a limit of 1,000 Heroes.

TitanBorn — Once again, you could rent a free NFT from IQ Protocol. TitanBorn is a mix between Mortal Combat and Street Fighter. This campaign ran in October.

Citizen Conflict — This is an MMO shooter game. MMO stands for a massively multiplayer online game. This campaign also ran in October last year. It was free to enter with a giveaway of 501 free NFTs, worth $1,000. You rented an NFT for one hour, constituting 1 raffle ticket for the free NFTs.

The IQT Token and Unfold Partnership

The IQT token is powering the IQ ecosystem. It launched in late November on Uniswap. Currently, it’s listed on Gate.io, with more CEX listings to follow. Another important feature to unlock in Q1 2024 is an option for staking IQT. Staking will reward you with IQT token rewards and other benefits—for example, tournament entries, in-game events, and giveaways.

The current IQT price is $0.6218. It has a market cap of $76 million. The max and total supply is 1 billion tokens. Out of these, 125 million already circulate.

In the US, UNFOLD is the largest creative agency. In November, they invested in IQ. This should open doors to the traditional gaming industry for IQ’s rental technology. Among their clients, you find firms like SEGA and Ubisoft.


Despite having launched its platform in a bear market, IQ Protocol did well in 2023.

All they did was keep building and engaging their audience. Not only did they launch their IQ NFT marketplace, but also their IQT token. Their NFT rental concept worked out great, with plenty of successful campaigns. For 2024, they intend to integrate more games and add more chains. They also plan to add more utility to their marketplace and the IQT token.


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