Cryptocurrency exchange platform Dash has announced the launch of its newly redesigned payment wallet for its android users globally.

Dash Wallet can be accessed by any customer with an Android mobile device.

“The users will find a beautifully designed #Dash Wallet on their #android devices after updating,” the announcement noted.

Additionally, a lot of work seems to have gone into the creation of the wallet, making it more secure, faster, easier to use, and convenient.

Unlike most traditional blockchains where users have to wait for block confirmations for a transaction to go through. Dash also speeds things up using Masternodes.

Its network of masternodes verifies whether the funds in a given transaction have not been spent, and this validates a transaction in 1-2 seconds.

Notably, it is equipped with PrivateSend features, which makes it possible to maintain coin fungibility. By swapping Dash coins among users to eliminate their traceable history.

Dash significant growth

Founded by Evan Duffield in 2014, the Dash group has witnessed considerable growth and development. Most recently, the release of the upgraded version of its platform. Notably, an upgrade from its initial Evonet platform.

According to a Dash, the wallet upgrade is in line with the blockchain’s promise to release better updates over time. The new upgrade will also enable users to try out the software in other environments apart from Dash. They will also have the option to try it out locally or in a privately owned devnet.

There was a recent partnership with Singapore-based crypto exchange Pionex, which gives the crypto platform considerable relevance in the Asian crypto space.

Notably, the platform is regulated by the FCA, one of the top financial regulators in the UK. It also comes under the purview of MiFID. Regulatory scrutiny from multiple entities makes it one of the most secure options.


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