IQ Protocol is partnering with Universus on a full NFT rental integration. IQ Protocol is a solution for renting NFTs and Fungible Tokens. It allows you to unlock new revenue streams for your dormant digital assets. Universus is one of the newest and most-hyped Web3 games coming out of Brazil. 

IQ Protocol and Universus will raffle $2,400 in NFT prizes. That’s followed by a $6000 faction tournament. So, let’s dig into the details.

The IQ Protocol and Universus Partnership

The partnership between the two platforms is exciting. IQ Protocol offers an NFT rental service. On the other hand, Universus offers games. But you can rent the Universus NFTs on IQ Protocol.

For starters, there’s an NFT raffle giveaway. This is worth $2.400. They follow this up with a $6,000 Clash of the Titans player tournament on Universus. So, what is Universus all about?

It’s a Brazilian Web3 game in which you can explore space and its planets. You can collect spaceships, androids, and other NFTs. This allows you to build your own fleet. It’s all done through blockchain gaming. So, this means that all transactions are secure and transparent.

The NFT Raffle Giveaway

Now, here are the raffle details. With a prize value of $2,400, this is what you can win. For example,

  • 3 x Universus Spaceships ($300 each)
  • 50 x Android Starter Pack ($30 each)

The only thing you need to do is rent an IQ Protocol x Universus NFT on the IQ Market. Now you have a chance to win one of the raffle prizes. The NFTs are free to rent. In fact, you only need to pay gas fees. A rental is for one hour, and each rental gives you 1 raffle ticket. However, be aware that each wallet can only rent 1 ticket per hour.

This campaign starts 11th September 5PM UTC and ends 28th September 5PM UTC. The following video is an introduction to Universus.

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The $6,000 Faction Tournament with Universus

This tournament will have 16 factions. They will fight it out for the $6,000 in four distinct stages. The tournament will last for two weeks. It starts on the 25th of September 2023. You can rent your NFTs for the tournament for free. Rental periods last for 1 week. However, you need to share revenue.

First, there will be a qualification lasting 1 week. So, qualification starts with four substages. Each substage lasts 1 day and has four teams. Each team will play all other teams during these four days. This will give four teams that advance to the play-offs.

The play-offs have two stages, a semi-final and a final. The winners of the semi-final games proceed to the finals. They play for the top spot in the finals. Both the teams that lost the semis, receive a third-place ranking.

So, the final standings determine the prize money that they won.

  1. First Place: 50% of the total prize pool (120 androids – 600 USD)
  2. Second Place: 25% of the total prize pool (60 androids – 300 USD)
  3. Third Place (Tied): 12.5% of the total prize pool each (30 androids each – 300 USD) 

Furthermore, there will be another raffle.  This raffle airdrops 90 extra androids. These go to 15 random players who made at least 2,000 points during each week.

But, hold on, there’s more! Besides the team-based prizes of the Faction Tournament, there are also individual prizes. They will recognize outstanding performances by players in specific categories. They also add another layer of competition within the tournament.  

The three categories are, for instance, the highest score in,

  • Match ratings.
  • Equipment minting.
  • And most runs successfully finished.

IQ Protocol and Universus

Source: Universus website


 The NFT rental platform IQ Protocol partnered with the Brazilian Universus game. To celebrate this partnership, they offer an NFT raffle worth $2.400 and a $6,000 worth tournament.

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