AGIX Ecosystem Health Report

The AI field is expected to experience significant expansion in 2024.

Among the numerous AI projects we manage, AGIX stands out as our premier AI investment. Singularity Net (AGIX) is a decentralized AI marketplace that helps anyone create, share, and monetize AI services.


In this article, we’ll make a review of its ecosystem:

AGIX Partners

AGIX is well-connected in the crypto space. In addition to well-established projects like Cardano, the AGIX ecosystem hosts more than 15 projects. These projects integrate AI with the following verticals.

Top 5 Ecosystem Projects in AGIX
  • Cogito offers users access to institutional-grade investment products by bringing traditional financial products on-chain.
  • NuNet provides infrastructure for globally distributed computing power and storage for decentralized networks.
  • Sophia Verse: Operates a gamified metaverse that combines elements of Web3 and AI.
  • Twin Protocol: It allows users to train their digital twin to carry out specific tasks.
  • HyperCycle: It is a layer-one blockchain network designed to provide scalable, low-cost infrastructure for decentralized AI applications.


The AGIX ecosystem remains strong and its current focus is on building a persistent layer for a distributed atomspace. This will enable high scaling for servers and help process AI faster. However, we should note that the fund flow for AI projects has stalled. AI bubble is a reality, and many namesake AI projects are collapsing.

AGIX as a token remains fundamentally solid. We may not make changes to our AI holdings at this point since the sector is still hot. We will consider booking profits before halving.


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