Ankr is a Web3 infrastructure and cross-chain staking DeFi platform. It aims to make blockchain participation simple and cheap by staking, hosting nodes, or building dapps. The infrastructure provider just announced that it has become an RPC (Remote Procedure Call) provider for Optimism, a lightning-fast Layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain. 

This move expands Ankr’s ambition to be a leading player in the Web3 ecosystem. An RPC allows different apps to communicate with the blockchain. Following this announcement, Ankr is now an RPC provider for 17 blockchains. This includes Solana, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Avalanche, and a host of others. 

It’s essential to know that Ankr is not a blockchain. It functions as a set of tools for developers, stakeholders, and businesses. The Ankr Protocol serves over 50 networks with an impressive average of six billion blockchain requests every day. Ankr provides a top-quality RPC node infrastructure to manage any request load. This would undoubtedly increase Optimism’s public RPC resources.

How Does the Partnership Affect Both Parties?

Optimism’s Optimistic Rollup network is one of its key strong points. It was designed to take advantage of Ethereum’s strong security requirements.  It also allows apps to complete transactions faster and for less money. Optimism takes advantage of optimistic rollups to help Ethereum scale. The network can dramatically lower fees and enhance throughput while maintaining tight security. Optimism’s presence has saved users over a billion dollars in gas fees since it began its operation. 

This partnership with Ankr is, without a doubt, beneficial to both parties. The collaboration is also a big win for dApp developers searching for more Optimism RPC endpoints. So, these developers can use Optimism Public and Premium RPCs to perform request calls and retrieve on-chain data that is similar to the results of operating an Optimism full node on their own server.

Ankr, for its part, will use the ANKR token to incentivize both enterprise and distinct Optimism node operators to add their nodes to the load balancer. It aims to strengthen the global Optimism network. 

Ankr’s role in the blockchain space is very remarkable. Through their protocols, they are literally connecting a network of blockchains. As a result, each network will be strengthened because there will be more nodes on their separate blockchains. What this means is that Ankr’s suite of protocols strengthens each blockchain while also strengthening the whole network.

Reaction to the Partnership

Both sides are equally thrilled to combine efforts to further advance the blockchain space. Matthew Slipper, Head of Engineering at OP Labs expressed Optimism’s delight in working with Ankr. Matthew said in a statement, ” Apps and integrations choose to build in the Optimism ecosystem because they feel aligned with our values and culture and appreciate the tooling and technical options available to them. In response to requests from our community, we’re excited to offer Ankr as an additional Optimism RPC provider.”

Ankr is equally thrilled by the progress Optimism has recorded so far. The infrastructure provider said, via its Chief Marketing Officer, Greg Gopman, “We love what Optimism is building for the future of Ethereum. Ankr is happy to do our part to provide a fast and reliable RPC service for their users.” 

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