Top Avalanche Gems With 10x-100x Potential

The entire Avalanche ecosystem has had a remarkable 2023. AVAX has surged by 400% in a couple of months and currently trades at $46.4.

This altcoin has emerged as one of the most-watched altcoins during this holiday season. We will pick our projects across different sectors. Let’s explore them in this article.

1) SteakHut 

SteakHut is a DeFi project seeking to redefine on-chain liquidity. It focuses on providing decentralized market-making solutions. Below is a summary of its offerings:

  • It provides decentralized market-making solutions to promote liquidity management on-chain.
  • Liquidity Management Platform through various AMMs
  • Services for different chain participants, including liquidity providers, seekers, and strategists.

SteakHut aggregated liquidity management across major DEXs and blockchains into a single platform. This provides users with a suite of tooling and analytics. The $STEAK token governs SteakHut Finance. The token is an ownership token. So, the token holders can vote on any particular subject based on the tokens they hold. Steakhut seeks to redefine liquidity management. And there’s huge potential for this project to do 10–20x.

2) Chikn NFT

Chikn is one of the biggest GameFi and NFT projects on Avalanche. The project features 10,000 distinct NFTs built by an algorithm that lays $EGG. In addition, EGG earns $FEED, and Chikn eats $FEED to grow bigger and lay more $EGG. This is the foundation of the novel ‘Tri-Token Architecture’ gameplay and tokenomics.

NFT projects will see increased demand in the coming bull run. And that’s the perfect time for low-cap projects like Chikn NFT to see the limelight and increase in value.

3) Vector Finance

Vector Finance stands out in the DeFi scene but with a focus on the Avalanche ecosystem. The project seeks to boost capital efficiency for its users by offering different yield strategies.

Vector enables its users to deposit LP tokens and stablecoins to earn boosted yields from the Platypus and Trader Joe platforms. Interestingly, users do not have to stake their PTP/JOE and worry about accruing vePTP/veJOE.

Vector Finance aims to solve the limitations of current StableSwap models. It achieves this by providing users with an opportunity to generate enhanced returns on stablecoins. Vector could be one of the big gainers from Avalanche’s continued surge.

4) Heroes Chained

Avalanche is another good spot for GameFi projects. So, Heroes Chained is one of the unique projects in that sector. Heroes Chained is one of the earliest real-time fantasy action RPG card blockchain games.

The gameplay is simple. The player becomes a mighty guild master. Then he gathers strong heroes across the land. Heroes Chained has diverse gameplay options. In addition, it has an in-game currency and NFT integration. 


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