USDh: Hermetica's New Bitcoin-Backed, High-Yield Dollar

This financial instrument merges the stability of a dollar-pegged currency with Bitcoin’s investment potential.

It offers a compelling new option for crypto enthusiasts and investors. Let’s explore more about USDh.

USDh: Merging Dollar Stability with Bitcoin Investment Potential

USDh is not backed by traditional fiat currencies or banking systems, but entirely by Bitcoin. This approach shifts from typical fiat-collateralized stablecoins, positioning USDh as a purely digital, decentralized synthetic dollar. By being native to both Bitcoin Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions, USDh is seamlessly integrated into the Bitcoin ecosystem. This enhances its accessibility and utility across various applications.

USDh offers a high yield potential, allowing holders to earn up to 25% annually by staking their tokens. This substantial rate is achieved through a novel financial mechanism within the Bitcoin network. The yield is sustainably generated from the funding rate payments of a short futures position.

The process is straightforward: when users stake their USDh, they are effectively entering into a short position against Bitcoin’s future price. This position then harvests yield from the funding rates paid by those taking the opposite position in the futures market.

More About USDh

The introduction of USDh could be a game-changer for how people interact with Bitcoin. By providing a Bitcoin-backed dollar that also bears yield, Hermetica is not only broadening Bitcoin’s appeal but also enhancing its functionality. It allows Bitcoin holders to engage in the financial markets in new ways, potentially attracting a broader audience to the crypto world.

Moreover, by distancing itself from traditional banking systems and fiat currencies, USDh addresses a core demand among crypto enthusiasts. It offers more decentralized and autonomous financial products.



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