Clone Protocol Brings Non-Native Asset Trading to Solana

This integration marks a significant milestone. It enables users to trade non-native Solana assets like DOGE, ARB, and OP seamlessly and with minimal fees.

Clone Protocol has designed a system that allows for the smooth transfer and management of various cryptocurrencies across different blockchains. Let’s discover more about this important news for Jupiter.

Seamless Trading of Non-Native Assets at Low Fees

Using Clone Protocol’s technology, JupiterExchange now lets users trade a wider range of assets directly from their Solana wallets. This eliminates the need to bridge assets between blockchains.

This integration addresses one of the most significant barriers in the DeFi space — the fragmentation of assets across multiple blockchains. Typically, trading non-native assets on a blockchain like Solana involves a multi-step process that includes bridging assets. This can be costly and time-consuming. However, with the Clone Protocol’s technology, these complications are bypassed, enabling direct and efficient asset exchange.

For traders and crypto enthusiasts, the implications of this integration are profound. Users now have unprecedented access to a wider array of cryptocurrencies. This comes without the high transaction fees or risks associated with bridging assets. This not only enhances user experience but also significantly broadens the trading possibilities within the Solana ecosystem.

The Clone Protocol integration makes Jupiter Exchange a one-stop shop for trading all assets on Solana. This sets a new standard for DEX functionality and user convenience.

More About Jupiter

Jupiter is spearheading a transformative adoption of the Solana ecosystem, significantly enhancing cross-chain interactions and asset management. Its innovative Bridge Comparator tool aggregates services from Mayan Finance, deBridge Finance, and Allbridge, allowing users to compare and secure the best bridging rates across 11 different blockchains.

Moreover, Jupiter has further streamlined the process by enabling users to bridge any Wormhole assets or even transfer native USDC across networks at no cost, effectively removing financial barriers and fostering a more interconnected and efficient blockchain environment.



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