Ethereum's Purge Phase: Vitalik Buterin's Next Steps

This crucial stage in Ethereum’s evolution focuses on simplifying the protocol and easing node resource demands.

Buterin’s vision for the Purge involves implementing history expiration via EIP-4444. This aims to limit the stored volume of historical data on the network

EIP-4444: Paving the Way for the Purge

The Purge represents a critical component of Ethereum’s strategy to streamline its network and enhance its efficiency over time. Ethereum aims to reduce node storage needs and simplify the protocol by removing obsolete network history. This is set to greatly lower Ethereum node hard disk space requirements, increasing network accessibility for all.

The Dencun hard fork’s introduction of EIP-6780 was a key step in simplifying the Ethereum protocol. This proposal largely phased out “SELFDESTRUCT” code functions, simplifying the protocol and boosting security. Buterin states this change simplified the protocol and increased Ethereum block capacity by freeing up slots from some SELFDESTRUCT functions.

More About The Purge

Looking ahead, Buterin is hopeful for a new proposal to fully phase out the SELFDESTRUCT code. According to the post, removing this code would advance Ethereum’s simplification, reduce technical debt, and enhance security.

The Purge, aimed at reducing historical data, supports Ethereum’s goals for simpler protocols and efficiency. Streamlining data storage and processing eases node maintenance and sets the stage for a more scalable, secure Ethereum.

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