NEXT 20X Crypto AI Gem Like Akash AKT

DePIN!! We know by now how much narratives matter. And after Bitcoin’s upcoming halving and AI, you could say DePIN is the 3rd biggest narrative going on in our industry right now.

EVERYONE and I mean everyone is looking for the next great potential DePIN project. We think we found one ai gem. Let’s check out Aethir.

What is Aethir?

Aethir does exactly what Akash does. A decentralized GPU marketplace. It lets projects access the GPU computing power they need easily. Their decentralized cloud shows they are doing a lot of marketing towards projects to use the network.

The 2 focus areas for Aethir are AI and gaming. And not coincidentally, AI and gaming are the 2 areas that need GPU chips the most. As a DePIN, the infrastructure is decentralized across 23 locations and 200,000 users.

Aethir is filling a big gap for streaming, gaming, and computing for AI large language models. They earned a spot as an NVIDIA Inception partner. NVIDIA is the leader in the production of GPU chips for these industries. One big difference between Aethir and Akash is Akash markets to the retail market to sell or loan your GPUs. Aethir is all about selling cloud infrastructure to gaming and AI projects.

As you see playing in the background here, AI needs for GPUs are enormous. Although ChatGPT dominates, it’s far from the only hugely successful AI project:

  • Google Bard/Gemini.
  • Claude.
  • Midjourney, etc.

All need GPU space to do what they do. So what hope does a small, new project have of getting the computing power that they need? Then there’s one other big difference from Akash. Aethir hasn’t had its TGE yet. The project has sold over 25,000 ETH worth of nodes (more on this in a second). But other than that, the project does not have any value yet.

Akash’s token is worth $1 billion. So that’s a pretty big difference too. I like Akash. A LOT. And I think it’s undervalued where it is. But there’s over a 1 billion dollar difference in value. If you feel like you missed out on Akash, here you are super early and you get another chance by buying a node or prepping for the IDO.

Cloud Gaming

While AI is the bigger narrative, Aethir pays a lot of attention to gaming. Cloud gaming specifically. Cloud gaming is a $6 billion market right now. Market analysts expect it to become 15% of the entire gaming market by 2030. 

That would be 15% of an almost $600 billion market, or almost $100 billion. A growth rate of 13x. Cloud gaming is the future. That’s why it’s an Aethir focus area. Online, streaming and non-console games need server space. Web2 game studios buy their servers to run their game or lease them by using AWS or Google Cloud.

But Web3 game studios want more. They want decentralized networks. And Aethir is giving it to them. Game studios get:

  • Early Game Testing. Studios only have to pay for what they use which cuts infrastructure costs
  • Cloud-base porting for easy transfers from conventional servers
  • Easier cross-platform access so more games can get access to more players no matter where they are.

Gaming in the cloud is the future. And the future is now. What is your favorite game? Let us know in the comments below.

Newest Developments & TGE

So here’s the newest on Aethir. First, they raised $100 million by selling 26,000 ETH worth of network nodes. Over 11,500 different buyers came in to buy a node for this new network. That is some wide distribution and fundraising.

Per the team, both the mainnet launch and the TGE are coming sometime in the 2nd quarter. The Mainnet is scheduled for a May launch while the TGE will be sometime in Q2. The date is unknown or at least not public yet. So this is a big opportunity to get into an area that will only grow.

The need for GPU chips. The 2 hottest areas of need for these chips are gaming and AI. And both are in big bull cycles right now. You can get in super early if you think you missed out on Akash or Render by keeping Aethir on your radar and watching for that TGE.

Per their Community page, I would look at Impossible Finance or Seedify as the likely IDO launchpads so you may want to get registered and whitelisted there now.


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