Enjin and MetaverseMe are partnering to create a next-generation gaming experience for fashion enthusiasts. According to the official press release, the partnership will create a line of tradable non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain. These Enjin powered NFTs will be a representation of clothing for Metaverse users’ avatars. Furthermore, users’ digital avatars can wear these fashion NFTs in the MetaverseMe app.

While Enjin will host these NFTs, MetaverseMe App will help to visualize these NFTs starting 23 February. Using the app, the users can snap selfies, create customized hyper-realistic avatars and make them interact in a real-world environment. Moreover, these fashion items are provably owned by the users. That’s because the Ethereum blockchain records the ownership data.

Creating immersive experience

According to Martyn Hughes, Founder of MetaverseMe very soon everyone will recognize blockchain as the internet of value to deliver immersive experiences. Moreover, the users will take their assets across various games and apps freely. This will revolutionize the digital economy.

Enjin CEO, Maxim Blagov adds that by combining blockchain technology and augmented reality, the users will be able to ascend the entire internet.

High-functioning NFTs

The first NFT collection that will roll-out of the partnership is Pluriform. Basically, Pluriform is an existing collection of limited-run fashion items and MetaverseMe will adopt it. These have been created in a collaborated way by Enjin, Atari, MetaverseMe and The Fabricant.

The collection will be available between 23 February and 28 February. After which, the unsold NFTs burn will occur. Moreover, this will ensure the uniqueness of the collection.
The users can wear the Pluriform fashion line in MetaverseMe’s augmented reality mode. Furthermore, the users can move these uniquely scarce NFTs to virtual worlds like Minecraft, The Six Dragons, and KickOff Evolution.

Value worthy partnerships

Enjin partnered with Atari in December 2020. Impressively, Atari manages an exhaustive portfolio of more than 200 class games. Additionally, The Fabricant is working on designs for Puma, AAPE, Adidas, and more.

Recently, Enjin’s NFT framework is in use by big brands like Atari. As a result, over 10 million Enjin Coin (ENJ) now remain locked in the NFTs used by these brands.

ENJ Price

In the last 14 days, the ENJ token has pumped over 136%. At the time of press, the token is trading a little over $0.3978.

Here is why we believe that ENJ holds immense potential.



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