This Crypto Bull Run DONT Ignore Avalanche AVAX

Bitcoin Halving is already done and dusted. So, the chances of a bull run kicking off soon are looking pretty promising.

Positioning yourself now, before the bull run kicks off, should put you on top of the game.  So, let’s take a look at what might be the best-fit altcoin for this bull run. Before we jump into why Avalanche (AVAX) will shine in this bull run, let’s first understand what Avalanche is.

What is Avalanche?

Avalanche is a Layer 1 blockchain platform that’s been making waves since its inception. It’s often dubbed as ‘Ethereum Killer’ due to its ability to process thousands of transactions per second with sub-second finality, all while boasting low transaction fees.

Whale Accumulation

Some whales have accumulated a staggering amount of AVAX tokens. In just three days since the start of April, whales have collectively added nearly 52 million AVAX to their portfolios, totaling over $2.1 billion. So what does this whale accumulation mean for Avalanche? 

Well, it’s a clear signal of confidence and optimism in the project. These whales aren’t just dipping their toes – they’re diving headfirst into the AVAX ecosystem.

Durango Upgrade

You must be aware that in February 2024, Avalanche brought out a major upgrade. Yes, I am talking about the Durango Upgrade. This upgrade is a big milestone for Avalanche. It aims to boost how blockchains work together and their efficiency within the network.

So, what exactly does the Durango upgrade entail? Think of it as a turbo boost for Avalanche. This upgrade is all about making things smoother and faster in the Avalanche world. This is especially true when it comes to how different parts of Avalanche talk to each other.

One of the key highlights of the upgrade is the introduction of the Teleporter Tool. It’s like a super handy translator that helps different parts of Avalanche understand each other better. This means less confusion and more teamwork across the whole Avalanche network.

But wait, there’s more! The Durango upgrade also comes with some cool changes. Like, it makes life easier for developers by giving them more ways to do their thing. And while some old features are saying goodbye, don’t worry the important stuff is sticking around.

Overall, the Durango Upgrade is like giving Avalanche a tune-up. It’s about making things run smoother and faster. This way, Avalanche can shine more in the crypto world.


In this year’s bull cycle, games will play a big part. Avalanche is ensuring it does not get left behind in that aspect. How, 

MapleStory, a cool MMORPG with over 400,000 daily active users, recently debuted on the Avalanche Blockchain. This move makes Avalanche a top blockchain for Web3 gaming. The gaming community is already buzzing with excitement.

And here’s the secret sauce: Avalanche subnet structure provides the scalability and customizability that traditional game publishers crave. This means smoother gameplay and better experiences. It also means more opportunities for gamers and developers alike.

The AVAX network is shaping up to be the go-to platform for Web3 gaming. It boasts remarkable infrastructure and good partnerships. And it also focuses on developers.


Games are not the only focus of the Avalanche blockchain. They are also working to upgrade themselves and their chain so that they can scale infinitely. Avalanche has also dived into the memecoin craze. 

We all know that meme coins have been causing a stir lately. Some memecoins have put up incredible numbers. Avalanche’s latest additions to the race are: dog-themed Kimbo (KIMBO), chicken-themed Coq Inu (COQ), gecko-themed Gecko (GEC), a technology joke token TECH, and Avax has no chill (NOCHILL).

Avalanche calls these meme-tokens ‘community coins’, and they’re more than just a joke. They’re like digital representations of fun and unique interests of different crypto communities.

Already, major foundations are investing in meme-coins. So, we expect more users. This will no doubt increase Avalanche’s ecosystem and pave the way for long-term growth.

In conclusion, why do we believe Avalanche is set to be a great altcoin for this bull run? With its groundbreaking tech, impressive performance, and growing transactions, Avalanche is set to make waves in crypto.



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