Which Altcoin Portfolio Will you Choose?

Portfolio building can be a challenge with any asset class. It’s especially so in crypto. Information and projects move so fast. FOMO is a huge deal.

But how do you build a realistic portfolio to get that ROI you seek without excessive risk? A portfolio that allows you to sleep at night. Well today, we have 3 portfolio examples that show you different risk/return ratios so you can decide how to set up your ideal portfolio for yourself. Let’s see what altcoin portfolios we have for you today.

The 3 Portfolio Options

Today we have something a little different for you. We know altcoins have been down lately. And a serious alt season hasn’t started yet. But, we are preparing for it. We expect it to happen. So the time to set up your portfolio for big ROI in the future is now. With that in mind, we present 3 different portfolio options that we think could get us the ROI we are looking for out of the market this alt season. And here they are:

  • Portfolio A
    • BTC.
    • SOL.
    • A memecoin.
  • Portfolio B
    • ETH.
    • LINK.
    • An AI coin.
  • Portfolio C
    • IMX.
    • ADA.
    • A DePIN coin.
    • A RWA coin.

Here’s a look at what we have. Now let’s break them down.

Portfolio A

OK in this one we have Bitcoin, Solana, and a memecoin. Let’s take it a little further. First, we have Bitcoin. It’s the original. It’s the best. Every portfolio should have some. As we say over and over again, if you have no Bitcoin in your portfolio, then you’re doing it wrong.

It’s also the largest and lowest-risk project in the industry. Can Bitcoin fail? Yes. But each passing year that becomes less and less likely and seeing 6 or 7 figures for 1 BTC become more and more likely. Then we have Solana. Of the large-cap projects, Solana has the highest ROI of any project in the Top 40 by market cap over the last year.

In the top 100, only some fast-growing projects like Akash and Bittensor have performed better. Not just that. They are by far, other than Bitcoin, the top-performing Layer 1 chain. So if you like Layer 1 chains as an investment, then Solana needs to be on your radar. Last in this portfolio is the wildcard. A memecoin. It could be 500x for you or go to zero just as easily. If you went with the most conservative of memecoins, then that would mean DOGE or Shiba Inu, or PEPE.

Source: Coingecko

But if we are going to have a memecoin, we should probably embrace it and the risk that comes with it. With that in mind, if I did not add one of the 3 above, I’d probably look at Popcat. It’s one of the leading memecoins on Solana. And Solana is where all the memecoin activity outside of Bitcoin Ordinals is happening.

The risks are huge memecoin losses that negate your BTC and SOL gains. And the potential ROI if everything hits is probably 500x or more.

Portfolio B

Next, we have the sort of EVM portfolio. First, we have Ethereum. Its size, network effects, and the number of apps and ecosystems built on it speak for themselves. Plus, with its huge liquidity advantage, ETH is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the RWA narrative. After all, people will want to tokenize assets in places with the liquidity to buy that asset.

Then, one of our favorite infrastructure plays. Chainlink. We have a few Link Marines here at Altcoin Buzz. And generally, we are fans. Anything of quality in infrastructure, interoperability, and making smart contracts work better is something we are in favor of.

And Chainlink does all 3. Chainlink’s all-time high is a 4x from here to $52. It should get there and higher. Its current market value is $7.5 billion and this is easily a $100 billion project. And we finish this portfolio with one of our favorite narratives, AI.

One of our favorites in AI is Render. Render makes access to GPU computing power easier and cheaper, especially for newer AI projects. All AI but especially image-related AI like MidJourney have to use tons of computing power to train their models or render their images. That’s where the project gets its name from.

At $2.7 billion, Render has the potential to become a $100 billion project too. The risks here are more macro, industry-wide risks. The biggest risk is crypto as a system to challenge the legacy system doesn’t fulfill its promise. Like with Render, if people don’t believe in a decentralized solution, they will just go and buy NVIDIA chips for their project while renting space on Amazon Web Services servers.

Could this happen? Definitely. But, there are many worldwide who already think these big companies are too powerful and intrusive. A related risk is if smart contracts never get global acceptance. If this happens both Ethereum and Chainlink suffer. But the ROI potential here, like with Portfolio A is enormous. Which Portfolio do you like better so far? Let us know in the comments below.

Portfolio C

Lastly for today, we have Portfolio C. This is the “sort of” Under the Radar portfolio. Starting with Immutable X. We like this gaming Layer 2 solution. And if you think games will grow, then IMX should be on your radar too.

Then we have Cardano. Cardano can seem like the forgotten Layer 1 chain at times. It’s a little isolated from other chains. That’s even with the new bridge our friends at Wanchain just integrated to make moving funds in and out of Cardano MUCH easier.

For DePIN we are going to pick 2 emerging leaders here who have also been under the radar for a while. One is Arweave. One of the undisputed leaders in decentralized storage. And it’s down lately too. A full 23% in the last 30 days. That just gives us a chance for a better entry price though.

The other is Serenity Shield. Its StrongBox service is the Dropbox of Web3. And with its unique key management by NFT, it’s doing something no one else in DePIN is doing. Your storage account has never been safer with this unique key management system. From its peak in January of $1.05, it’s down 60%. But as with Arweave, we just see that as getting quality at a discount.

Then in RWA, we have a few we love. One of them is Ondo. They’ve come out of nowhere to become a leader in RWA implementations right now. They have tokenized US Treasury investments in 2 types and categories. There’s one for professionals and the other for individuals. We are going to see a lot more of this moving forward.

Risks here include gaming or DePIN as an alternative system not reaching their full potential. Another is regulation hurting the RWA sector. This is especially true of certain strategic governments like the US, China, and South Korea. So there are risks here. But the risk-to-reward ratio is very good on this portfolio as well.

So which one do YOU like the best? Or maybe you’d prefer to mix and match some of our choices? Which portfolio do you think is the lowest risk? Or the highest ROI potential? Comment below because one thing I promise you is we read all the comments. And so does our crack Research Team when researching new projects for videos like this or our private Alpha group. So let us know what you like.


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