ChangeNOW Launches Fee-Free $USDt-TON Swaps

This feature comes with zero service fees for an entire week.

This development enhances flexibility and convenience for crypto enthusiasts, offering a seamless way to manage digital assets.
Effortless Swaps: $USDt on TON for 900+ Assets

$USDT, or Tether USD, is a widely used stablecoin pegged to the value of the US dollar. Its integration with TON, a decentralized network known for its speed and scalability, marks a significant milestone.

For 1 week, ChangeNOW is waiving service fees on these swaps, making it more attractive for users to utilize the service. This promotion encourages users to explore the new feature and enjoy seamless, cost-effective crypto transactions.

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ChangeNOW supports a vast array of cryptos and fiat, enabling USDT purchases with 700+ cryptos or 50+ fiat currencies. This broad selection caters to diverse preferences, allowing users to convert assets into $USDt on TON with ease.

In addition to buying USDT, users can also swap Tether USD (TON) for any asset from ChangeNOW. This feature provides flexibility for users to diversify their portfolios and manage their investments effectively.

More About USDT
Users can now seamlessly pay and accept USDT on TON’s network via Defexa, a comprehensive app designed for managing, storing, and trading funds. With its built-in Fiat On-ramp solution, Defexa ensures a convenient and accessible experience for users looking to enter the cryptocurrency space or expand their portfolios.
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This integration of USDT on TON’s network within Defexa provides users with a versatile platform to engage in secure and efficient transactions while managing their digital assets with ease.


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