COTI V2 Developer Network Launches: High-speed Blockchain Privacy

COTI V2 allows developers to get creative with Web3 apps while maintaining privacy practices.

With the recent launch, COTI also announced a grant program to the public. The COTI V2 grant allows developers to explore this new technology. Here’s the main deal: The grant will cost 400 million $COTI tokens. The COTI Foundation set aside that price for the grant to promote the rapid growth of Web3 platforms.

Shahaf Bar-Geffen, COTI’s CEO, says, ‘We’re opening doors to the world with the COTI V2 Developer Network.He continues, ‘We have invited different teams to build and grow with us. 2024 will be an exciting year for us; we will welcome new partnerships and Developments at COTI.’

COTI V2 Developer Network: Fixing the Issue of Privacy for Developers

Blockchain developers face a lot of challenges in creating highly secure Web3-based applications. The COTI developer network has new privacy features that can fix the security issue in Web3-based applications. With COTI’s new privacy features, Developers can build Web3 applications that are secure with user data.

The tools COTI V2 Developer Network provides to solve the issue of privacy and security are:

  • Server access.
  • NodeJS and Python SDKs.
  • A Faucet for reducing gas costs for your on-chain operations.
  • Extensive Documentation.
  • An explorer for on-chain analytics.

COTI V2 allows developers to run fast experiments with new smart contracts in an EVM. The EVM is easy to use with any Solidity programming language.

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About the 400 Million $COTI Grant

The COTI Foundation allocates 400 million $COTI to support developers in testing the new COTI version to see its limits and potential. You will know how good a platform is when you stretch it to its limit. The 400 million $COTI fund will also reduce the time it usually takes to explore the use cases of COTI V2 and introduce new teams to the platform.

One of COTI’s partners, Civic, is already utilizing COTI V2 for its Dynamic Decentralized Identity (DyDID). You know, COTI V2 is about safeguarding user security and privacy. Civic is smart enough to try it out on its DyDID. COTI V2 is looking forward to partnering with platforms with use cases such as:

  • Confidential DeFi.
  • Secure Transactions for payments, Stablecoins, and Real-world assets.
  • On-chain sensitive data management.
  • Confidential Machine Learning and AI.
  • Dynamic Decentralized Identification.

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To sum up, COTI’s V2 sets developers on a safe path to building secure and anonymous Web3 applications.



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