This Undervalued DePIN Altcoin Will Shock Crypto Markets

DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) are one of the hottest narratives in crypto. It along with a couple of other sectors like AI are the ones propping up the ALT market right now. It’s currently a $28 billion sector.

If the sector was a coin, it would be about the size of XRP, the #7 coin in crypto. It’s BIG. and growing fast. So like most of you, in these hot sectors, we are looking for undervalued projects. And we’ve found one. Let’s dive into Serenity Shield and discover more about this altcoin.

Oman Data Center News

And just this week, Serenity Shield let us know how serious they are about becoming a DePIN leader. The team knows we can’t have a decentralized web if we are constantly relying on Amazon and Google for web services and storage.

So Serenity Shield is taking a big step to compete with these legacy big boys. The team is opening its first physical data storage facility in Muscat, Oman. The goal is to have data storage facilities and nodes all over the world. Serenity Shield’s setup will allow you to control your data including if or how you choose to monetize it. The move away from centralized providers to decentralized ones takes that dream closer to reality with each passing day.

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More sites are planned in strategic locations like Portugal, Australia, India, and the US . Anyone operating a node in the network, including at the Oman site, will continue to receive token rewards in $SERSH. Plus, it keeps the network decentralized. That’s the main goal.

The Oman site will use many green and sustainable forms of energy for its operations. This includes some Green Hydrogen initiatives. Oman is a strategic location for this, too. Oman has big plans for renewable, green hydrogen. They want to produce 1 million tons per year by 2030. And lead the export market for this renewable energy. They produce 32,500 tons now. That’s a 30x growth in only 6 years.

We usually only talk about crypto in multiples like that. Imagine it for renewable energy.  Another plant for producing green energy got approval last month. Oman wants to be as known for green hydrogen as the region is known for oil.

More About Oman Data Center

The choice of Oman, as well as other spots for nodes around the world soon is by design. Green energy and easy access to the network from almost anywhere. More than that, An Omani investor is partnering with Serenity Shield. They are bringing a data center with 220,000 square feet (for the Americans) and 20,000 square meters for everyone else.

This investor, like Serenity Shield, and like you sees the need to get storage out of the hands of Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Partnerships like this are only the beginning. At Altcoin Buzz, we’ve been saying for months that the StrongBox service from Serenity Shield is like the Dropbox of Web3. And it is.

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But we can see how a new physical data center site changes things. The team is taking charge of the decentralized part of DePIN.  It might be more appropriate to say Serenity Shield is trying to become the Amazon Web Services of Web3. And here is some more evidence of how well-decentralized data storage is working for Serenity and its customers.

Contentra Deal

We have a major client announcement here with the Contentra deal. It’s things like this that make us say Serenity Shield is undervalued. We covered this deal on our website. But here are the details.

Contentra is the digital publishing arm of some huge media companies like the BBC and National Geographic. So first, Contentra agreed to store 10 Petabytes, which is 10 million Gigabytes, using Serenity Shield’s StrongBox service. So that’s a nice vote of confidence for the service.

Then they agreed to pay for the first 1 million GB in $SERSH. That’s a total of 1.2 million $SERSH in payments. That’s a vote of confidence #2, and one for the $SERSH token. And then finally, we have the token burn. From the 1.2 million $SERSH Contentra paid Serenity, the team burned 25% or 300,000 $SERSH on April 18th. These 3 things together:

  1. 10 million GB storage deal.
  2. Payment of 1.2 million $SERSH.
  3. Burn of 300,000 $SERSH tokens.

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This means this is not just 1 great deal. It’s like a 3-for-1. Have you tried any decentralized storage services like StrongBox? Let us know your experience with them in the comments below.

Recent Token Performance

Now we are at the value part of conversation. We can’t talk about something being undervalued unless we know its current value. Here is Serenity Shield’s last 3 months trading on CoinGecko.

Its recent high in January was $1.05. Its all-time high is back in December at $1.33. But using the recent high of $1.05 to its current price of 41 cents, we are down ~60% in the last 3 months. Looking even closer, Serenity is down 44% in the last 30 days. And you know what’s happened in the last 30 days? Only the excellent Contentra deal I just talked about as well as 10 full staking pools for $SERSH. Plus, the data center announcement.

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We have a good altcoin available at a nice discount from where it was 1, 3, or 6 months ago. This is the formula we love:

  • Quality project.
  • Hot Narrative.
  • Down recently to present good entry price.
  • Downward price action has nothing to do with project fundamentals which are good and improving.

This altcoin has all these things. And a huge new data center coming online. The StrongBox service is one of the best we’ve seen. And its key management by NFT is a unique and secure way to manage your account. Click this link to give it a try today.



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