ZooKeeper, the non-fungible token yield farming platform, is preparing to launch its interactive battle game – ZooRena.

ZooKeeper is a novel yield farming platform that provides a gaming experience with non-fungible tokens. The platform runs on Wanchain, a decentralised cross-chain platform which enables high-speed, low-cost transactions.

Aiming to put the fun back into farming, ZooKeeper allows users to earn dual yield farming tokens $ZOO and $WASP – while boosting the native $ZOO rewards using NFTs. These $ZOO tokens can also be staked to earn even more compounded gains, since the platform offers low-risk staking pools with instant deposits and withdrawals. In addition to this, a new community-voted token can be earned each month.

The ZooKeeper platform is preparing to have its first interactive battle this coming Sunday 8th of August at 14:00 UTC, as part of the new recently unlocked feature game called ZooRena.

ZooRena Launching Imminent

In preparation for the first battle on the platform, ZooKeeper has been offering various discounts on the dynamic price mechanics, and the new ZooRena wager system. The latest was announced on July 28 when it offered a 3% hourly decrease in chest prices. The chests allow users to earn NFTs which can then be used to boost $ZOO rewards on the platform, among other nifty mechanics.

ZooRena is a virtual place where two clans representing two of the numerous ZooKeeper mascots will be randomly selected once a week to participate in an amusing battle against each other.

Participants can select which clan they would like to support, and add some extra strength to their chosen clan by attaching an NFT. This will boost their clan’s odds of survival and thus increase their chances of winning the match. There will also be in-game events to wager on with a 50% discount on wagers at launch, adding further excitement to the games.

On August 3rd, the platform also completed its second market fee burn in which 12,000 ZOO tokens were destroyed.

ZOO Price Outlook

ZooKeeper’s native governance and staking token, ZOO, was trading up 11.4% on the day and time of publication, at $0.082 according to CoinMarketCap. The ZooRena launch is very likely to further boost momentum for the native token and increase deflation by augmenting the burned amounts.

There are 34 million tokens circulating, giving it a market capitalization of $2.8 million. According to DeFiLama, there was a total value locked of $32.5 million on the ZooKeeper platform at the time of publication.

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