In less than two months, Notcoin has captivated over 30 million users on Telegram.

This lays the foundation for establishing cryptocurrency wallets on The Open Network (TON). Let’s explore more about this important news for Notcoin.

Notcoin: Transforming Telegram with 35 Million Users

The game’s concept is an “idle game” where users tap their screens to earn NOT tokens. It’s onboarded 3% of Telegram’s user base to Web3, signaling significant crypto adoption.

Moreover, the subsequent listing of NOT tokens on prominent cryptocurrency exchanges has ushered in a financial windfall for casual gamers. This further cements Notcoin’s status as a game-changer in the crypto gaming sphere.

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Inal Kardan, gaming lead at TON Foundation, emphasized blockchain gaming’s unparalleled capacity to attract newcomers to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Speaking exclusively to Cointelegraph during the Next Block Expo in Warsaw. So, Kardan highlighted Notcoin’s remarkable achievement in gaining 35 million users in just five months.

He emphasized how Notcoin has demonstrated the seamless integration of games within the Telegram platform and the ease of user onboarding. This success story underscores the pivotal role that games can play in driving the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

More About Notcoin

Catizen, a game that seamlessly integrated Notcoin payments, has made waves by earning an impressive 50 million Notcoin in just three days. In a bold move today, Catizen announced the burning of 10% of its Notcoin holdings, amounting to a staggering 5 million Notcoin.

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This strategic decision not only reflects Catizen’s commitment to enhancing the value of the remaining tokens but also underscores the project’s dedication to fostering a sustainable and thriving ecosystem for Notcoin.



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